Monday, November 26, 2012

Fast Times at Elon University

Before the holiday.... I had a really lovely weekend hanging out with friends. Even during the week was pleasant when I had time to get away from the stress-filled bubble and go out somewhere. Jamile's final orchestra recital was on Tuesday, November 13th and boy was it a great way to end her journey. The program was very eclectic and I don't think I've ever seen the musicians move so much in between songs. Later informed at Chili's (after-party) that the conductor wanted to utilize the talent leaving and recognize those staying. Below are some snap shots of our mini celebration:
 Friday night I spent quietly indoors with my friends Brittany and Reene. We watched Kevin Little stand-up and played video games. It was nice for a change to have fun without getting wiped out (i.e. going clubbing or out "partying" around takes work). I also was adventurous, bored and procrastinating so I figured why not make Sam's bean dip (yummy) and bake PB Kisses cookies :) Saturday night was Smurf's official 21st bday party. The week prior some of the ruggers surprised her with a fun night at the bowling alley on Church St. This was a Smurf themed party = everything blue! Long story short, Smurf is Lauren's nickname in rugby and when she had blue hair we started to call her Smurf. It was nice to hang out at a social for a change. Its one of the few I've gone to so I'm trying my best to get out more.
                                            Left to right: Dionne, Jamile, Lindsay & me

Also on Saturday in the afternoon I saw Beautiful Bodies, a production put up and organized by the senior acting majors. Rebekah, one of my Elon friends, played the quirky and semi-off woman in the play. In short its about six women friends who once roomed together in their younger years coming together for a baby shower where all the secrets and long-over-due stories come out. Its pretty weird knowing that that was the last show for the seniors. Wow how time flies.
 Smurf got Hypnotic for her bday bash
 Classic beer pong
Tipton and I lookin fab in blue

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