Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Baking Monster

Over the past week and half since I've been home for Christmas break I embarked on my usual baking routine. However, this year was a little tiredsome and I don't have a reason why other than my brain hurts. This semester has been so trying and hard to get through that I almost forgot this time of "relaxation" would ever come. And now I start with baking a ton of cookies?? I mean I normally say "it's relaxing" but this year not so much. So to save myself from more pain I did some of the more easy cookies: poinsettas, snowflake sugar cookies, mexican wedding cookies, martha washington candies, triple chocolate cookies and peppermint swirls. For my own sweet tooth (since most of the batches were for others aka gifts) I made muddy buddies (or puppy chow as some like to call it).

 Triple Chocolate Cookies
 Martha Washington Candies
 Peppermint swirls
 Mexican Wedding Cookies

Snowflake Sugar Cookies
 The work site
 Decore Avenue

While I worked myself to powder sugar I went back to my summer obsessions: Roswell & Lost. Yep I sat on the couch most of the first five-six days and did pretty much nothing but watch episode after episode. I figured since this is the last time I'll have to do this while I have the excuse that I'm in college and this is the life of a college student and get away with it...I'll do it. But eventually I did break out of my homebase to explore the world outside. However, I really don't appreciate Jersey drivers or any of the drivers around here anymore. You all are crazier than I ever remembered!

The other day I spent some time with some of my high school friends, Sammy and Ariella. It was nice to catch up and spend some time rehashing memories of the past. I even got the chance to wash a dog for the first time. I'm used to washing my cat but I knew a dog would be interesting to watch in a tub of water. Ariella is obsessed with her new baby Sir-Mix-Alot (name still in the works according to her nieces and mom).

Today mom and I went down to southern Tom's place in Edison to meet Adam, his son and go cut our Christmas trees at the Simson tree farm in Cranberry. We've been going to the same farm for our tree since I can remember. It was always so special and after Tom exposed us to the cut-your-own lot we've never gone back to the pre-cut lot except to perhaps get a glimpse of Santa (who in the last few years hasn't been around...sad day). Breakfast at the Skylark diner and off we went to the farm while snow flurries began to fall :) KEEP FALLING PLEASE!!!! We decided to get a semi-narrower 7 ft. tree this year while Tom and Adam picked a smaller tree. It was so nice to finally feel a chill in the air. I so miss the big snow storms and coldness of the winter air. Its been so extremely mild and WARM the last few years I can't stand it! What do I have to do, move to Maine or Alaska to get cold and snow??? Gosh. 

 Bangin Mexican BF sandwitch!!
 Tom and Adam
Tom's truck

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