Monday, February 3, 2014

JC Gang

I met my friend Bella a few summers ago through the Downtown Jersey City Meetup. Us single gals (then) seemed to have been magnetized to one another and spent the whole evening, into the wee hours of morning, together. After that we've stayed in contact with each other via Facebook and after almost 1 1/2 years now actually seeing each other we had a reunion. Only to find out that she was changing careers (corporate finance to graphic design) and moving to Australia. Although it was a lot to process I was happy and in awe of her. She has always been an inspiration to me. Someone who knows what she wants, feels comfortable with who she is and always open to possibilities. 

One of her best qualities is knowing people and connecting them through various groups she's associated with. And she did just that! She introduced me to her friend Hillary who then introduced me to her friends (who are also Bella's friends) when she invited me to her New Year's Eve shingig. They are forever known as the Jersey City Gang. They all know each other from school (high school or college or both), work or other groups (Zogsports, Meetup, etc). What's fasinating to me is how together and supportive they all are to one another. They're all looking to enjoy themselves and leave the drama at home. Its as if my goals for this year fell into my lap. So how can you ignore what is staring you in the face?

Its been so nice to have other people to rely on to get together and do stuff. It seems like that is so simple but I cannot tell you how difficult it has been to get ANYONE old friends of mine or new people I meet to do ANYTHING. It is sad and ridiculous but its taught me to continue to go out on my own. I have to be my own best friend and advocate. That doesn't mean I shouldn't continue to try and give others a chance but I don't want to get stuck or self-inflict sorrow unto myself. I need to keep in mind what I want and go after it. It comes back to the Bella mentality. You want it, go get it yourself.

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