Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farewell DC. Welcome Jersey City!

Okay everybody this is LONG overdue but I've been recuperating after fun times and stressful moving out times. Adjusting to life back home has been a relaxing one but full of work around the house. I invaded my living room with my crap! LOL

Anyway, last week was the end of my time in Washington DC. I honestly cannot believe the time went by so quickly. (Damn our parents and their advice being dead on.) At commencement I realized how many people at The Washington Center connected and had so much fun together. I guess if I could go back and re-do my experience I would try to connect more with the TWC interns. In reality I took my experience in the "dorm" as fun at the time but not permanent. So I probably focused more on networking and my professional experience as well as getting to know my surroundings more so than the interns. However, I do think I made some WONDERFUL relationship with the people in DC including some interns and front desk/TWC staff members who are very dear to my heart -  Alan, Nate, Tristine, Vivian, Tanya, Prof. Keaton, Kristi, Elo, Ari, Alejandra, Terranova, Sachico, Sandra, and so many more. Thank you so much for making my experience worth while :)

 Outside the RAF 
Upstairs at Sticky Rice - restaurant for roommate dinner

In addition to my nostalgia about the "dorm" life and the people who made that piece of my semester away from Elon special I also have to thank my internship supervisors. Mike and Kevin were some of the best internship supervisors. During my last few days in the office both Mike and Kevin mentioned how I was at first unwilling to believe I would be doing as much as they said I would be in and out of the office. As an intern I expected to do the grunt work but never expected to have the opportunity to challenge myself and learn more than I thought possible not only about lobbying but about my skills, my professionalism and most importantly learning more about me. The last day was such a great testament to how well I adapted in their environment and it was a bittersweet moment taking an awkward picture knowing I wouldn't be returning the next morning. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity that I hope to carry with me throughout my search to find a career(s) I'm passionate about and jobs that allow me to showcase my creativity and provide helpful feedback.

Packing up Daddio's truck was a piece of pie! It seemed so effortless. I feel like the move out was much easier than moving in. That might have something to do with the fact that I had a ton of stuff in the beginning of the semester versus now when most of the cleaning, food, household supplies were used. It was sad not getting to have a real "goodbye" with Elo (my roommate) but I was glad we shared a moment that morning when I gave her a little gift to say "Thank You" for being one of the greatest roommates I could ever asked for (next to Jay of course). lol. It was very calm leaving the apartment knowing that everyone would be moving forward in their lives to better and new things. I couldn't help but smile as I looked back in the side mirror of the passenger seat.

About four hours and forty five minutes we arrived safely to Jersey City greeted by none other than my cheerful Mom. It was a great reunion! As Daddio drove off I remember looking around the rooms in the house with all my crap from the move and thinking "wow, I'm a senior - this is it". I feel very liberated now having my last summer to spend how I want without any regrets! Its a first for me having absolutely no plans as far as work or internships or volunteering something planned for my summer season "home". This time I decided to make the most out of the time I have now before its gone. I'll have the opportunity to visit my friends in the US and perhaps go to Mexico or France or somewhere abroad to visit my pen pals. The options are endless and I prefer my last summer before I graduate college to be relaxing and carefree. Afterall I'm twenty-two...

Oh I can't forget my short trip to Elon for the Rugby (EWR) banquet on Sunday May 6th. Yep I come home for less than 32 hrs before I'm on a plane to NC. Ms. Elisabethe was a goddess and picked me up and hosted me for the night at her lovely (and cheap) apartment. Lauren and Elisabethe are a great duo I was so glad to spend the night at their humble abode. The banquet was elegant and fun x-ing the minor drama. And WHAT A PERFECT DAY it became - rainy and gray clouds to Carolina blue skies with bright sun. Pictures came out beautifully. See for yourself:

 Freshman rookies

 Sophomore players

Junior players

The Seniors

The WHOLE team

Elisabethe and I

I will continue to write on this blog (with the same title) exploring cities like Jersey City (where I live currently), New York and cities abroad as I travel to places in Morocco and perhaps other places around the world. Stay tuned for my next adventures.

Thanks for reading and joining me on my crazy journey called 'life'.

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