Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kingman Bluegrass and Folk Festival

What started out to be a very mellow day turned out to be a very long and exhausting day. After a comfy stay-at-home-to-watch-a-movie night with my buddy, Kristi (we watched "Almost Famous" one of my faves) I was unprepared for what happened next. As if the ride to get to the RFK stadium from New York Avenue metro stop wasn't taxing enough the walk over to Kingman Island was quite a hike. It was nice that I got there fairly early because I got the chance to see the farmer's market in action. I even bought a few apples which made me feel good - helping out the local farmers.

Another scenic stroll into the Kingman Island Park and through the woodsy brush I made it to a small clearing of land surrounded by the Anacostia. The trailer stage was already set up and tuning while the volunteer leaders were scurrying around to allocate jobs for everyone. It was quiet until about 1245pm when streams of people and food trucks came rolling into the clearing. My first slot was working at the "drinks" ticket booth. It was very busy throughout the shift so I was grateful to be relieved of duty at 2pm.  It was nice to have some down time to listen to the bands and people watch. I didn't have another shift until 6pm which I later regretted especially since the rain came down pretty roughly later on in the day. For the meantime it was nice to walk around and experience DC's version of a folk fest. My only other experience was Falcon Ridge up in New York state nearly three years ago. I was so delighted to hear from Daddio that we'd (him, me and Mom) would be going to Falcon Ridge this year! WOOT! But thats not until July so this is a nice buffer

I continued to come back to the booths to see if the volunteers needed any extra hands. The "drinks" booth and the beer tap booth needed hands but everyone was so busy it was hard to help. Sam, the coordinator, was bopping around with his own agenda so I just stayed close in case someone needed some time to relax. I'm glad I hung around because I met a bunch of nice people. It was especially nice to transition from my break time to the t-shirt booth since when I was taking on my 6-8 shift it started to downpour. Always good to be under a tent in that situation and boy was I happy. However, word to the wise - never wear comfortable shoes WITHOUT socks! My feet were frozen by the time I left around 730pm. So many people left due to the weather so there wasn't a lot of action at the booths. Getting on the shuttle back to the metro was my saving grace. It was especially nice to meet a fellow TWC intern, Adam Woods, who worked with LivingClassrroom the nonprofit organization hosting the festival.

All in all a good time at Kingman Island. 


 Demi the lovable dog

 Beer line after the beer truck replaced the beers on tap...didn't last long.

Let the heavens open.

Monday was our "graduation" and commencement for all TWC interns. It was interesting to participate in the closing ceremony for a program that just started. Time did blow by and I'm happy that I tried to make the best of every moment. I've put myself out there more this semester than any other semester in my life. I've made some great connections and friendships as well as create some new goals for myself. We shall see if I continue to reap the benefits of this program as an alum. Portfolio DONE, Class finished today (Tues. May 2) and Thursday will be my last day as an intern with The McGuiness Group. Its no wonder why I feel some sense of relief but also sorrow. Its the bittersweet syndrome.

Tonight after class and goodbye with some colleagues a group of us went out to Chinatown for drinks and dinner. It was nice to talk with some of them outside of business. I like getting to know them and it makes me feel like I've accomplished reaching out to others in return for advice, education and getting to know other cultures. As mentioned at our dinner our class was very diverse as far as country origin, race, ages, and backgrounds. It helped us realize how privileged we were to have had such an experience. It was great meeting all of you and I hope to visit most of you in the future! Good luck!

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