Friday, June 8, 2012

Reading and Perverts

Just when you think you can spend a few hours outside without being bothered by anyone or anything. Its a beautiful sunny day so I sat in the shade to start reading the last of the Stieg Larsson series "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest". I read to chapter two and continued to read as I was greeted by a older man who said he had been walking awhile and needed rest or something. So of course out of all the benches in the park he had to sit next to me. He began to ask me things and try to have a conversation. I didn't understand since usually when someone has a book in his or her hands should be a clear sign that he or she don't want to be bothered.

I get it. Some older people, especially men, like the idea of company being around someone else. However, considering I had a book in my hand I wanted to be left alone, outside to read. Ever since my good friend Hillary suggested to make day plans instead of being so frustrated that my plan to make no plans this summer is failing. I tested her suggestion today and of course I'm complaining about being disturbed. I know it might be silly but I really didn't want nor need to be bothered. Its weird how affected I am by a little disturbance in my daily plan.

Later tonight mom and I will be heading down south to Elon to gather my stuff out of storage and put everything into my apartment. I can't wait to get everything squared away and organized so its one less thing I have to worry about when I return in the fall. I'm looking forward to my hair cut appointment at Fire Salon as well as a surprise adventure an hour south towards Charlotte. Keep reading and please comment!

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  1. First off, how did you like The Girl with the Dragon tattoo series? I couldn't make it through the first half of the first book. Secondly, you were in Charlotte and didn't tell me! Next time you are here you have to tell me!