Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moving into the Apt

Overdue post I know but better now than never...
On the weekend of June 8th Mom and I drove through the night to arrive by morning to my new humble abode. I must say that people on the road are unkind to people with out of state license plates. I was so beyond pissed off when we had reached the 70mph stretch of road in Virginia seeing drivers doing the stupidest things. Can we agree that its not the safest thing to 'play games' on the road especially going at least 70+mph? Its so pointless especially when we're all going to the same place anyway.

We finally reached our destination around 10am and decided to eat breakfast at Grill Works, a nice family joint down the road from campus. Great way to start the day with North Carolina's own blueberry pancakes and sweet tea YUM :)

Above is a pic of the mini van we used to move my crap. Originally not happy about the minivan since we were supposed to have gotten a truck but whatevs...Later on we had a snack at Hursey's BBQ on Church St in Burlington which was also delicious.

Our snack. PS Did you know that Land-O-Lakes makes honey butter???? its awesome

the truck I dream to own

Ready to get things started we found that the keys to the apartment that were supposed to be in the safety box weren't there. A call to the super and a visit from the inn's employee to tell us that another tenant had taken the universal key was quite a let down. But we continued to stay positive. A visit to the storage place to load the car up gave us enough time to wait for the super to come open the door. Keys in hand we unloaded the rental car and started putting everything in its rightful place. A trip to Walmart and we finished sooner than later. Rest took up a huge chunk of time in the afternoon. It was nice to relax and sleep. Dinner was an experience to be remembered at Buffalo Wild Wings. We were ambitious and ate the hottest wings. OOOOOOOweee it was intense but I loved every bite!

Mom held out her surprise till Sunday when we went to Seagrove, NC to view the country's oldest pottery town. We also met up with one of my good friends Hillary who lives in Charlotte and recently graduated from UNC Charlotte! It was such a pleasant and inspirational experience to see all the potter's work. Not to mention eating at the Jugtown Cafe, yummiest pie I've ever had (peanut butter chocolate pie, coconut creme pie and banana pudding pie).

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