Friday, August 10, 2012

Don Don Don Don....Kerry's Bridal Shower

I decided to go to Kerry's Surprise Bridal shower to support Sweta and the other bridesmaids/the bridal party who wanted to honor Kerry in her new chapter of life. I've never gone to a bridal shower before and although I asked around and brushed some ideas off of Mom I didn't really know what to expect except there would be a group of women at the party who know Kerry. Instead of trying out the subway route to Auburndale I realized once I reached Newport on the light rail I would be cutting it close to the 12:30 deadline to get to the Purtell residence before Kerry would arrive.

The usual LIRR Port Washington train ride would have to suffice. It was good that I grabbed a little bite to eat before the train considering how hot and muggy it was in addition to the fact that I had forgotten to eat all day and it was already noon. Once off the train I power walked my butt to the house.  Luckily I came around the corner and into the backyard just as Kerry's next door neighbors made an appearance with what seemed to be three huge gifts. The good thing about Kerry and Chris' wedding website is that mostly everything on their registries were practical items like mixing bowls and sheets, etc.

Sweta, Krissy and the rest of the bridesmaids/bridal party kept everyone entertained with cute bridal shower games starting with a roast to see how well Kerry new Chris and how they related as a couple. Every wrong answer was followed by a shot and every correct answer followed by a Hershey kiss - rather a melted kiss. It was soooo humid and hot that day but thankfully it didn't rain until much later in the evening. Kerry and I played together for "guess the celebrity couples" and bridal bingo. After some games we ate and then watched Kerry open dozens and dozens of gifts...not my favorite part of the party but its the tradition.

Shortly after the gifts were all opened we presented Kerry with her pink and white cake and slowly parted. It was really nice to meet some of Kerry's school colleagues and reunite with some of her long-time friends like Sweta and Krissy. I was also happy to meet Chris's Mom Isabelle and his family. In fact I met one of his cousins who lives in NJ and whose mother and aunt live in Jersey City. They were so thoughtful to ask me if I wanted a ride.

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