Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last Trip to Say Goodbye

Normally I wouldn't dwell on something that is ending and instead I would take a more optimistic approach. However, I've been very blessed to have extra time out at the house in Sag Harbor. I know I'm so lucky to even have a place by the beach that is like home away from home. Mom and I agree that the continuous visits and summers we've had out there are so precious. Things could have been very different after my Dad passed away almost 10 years ago now but Uncle Rene being a good Catholic bishop and good family member told us that we were welcomed out there anytime. He kept his promise even during this time of hardship with his condition (diagnosed with dementia).

Despite that sad fact we did have a good time this past weekend. For two gals with plans to have no plans or expectations did pretty great. Going with the flow pays off sometimes. We decided to go to the Farmer's Market in downtown Sag Harbor (overpriced but nice to hang out and meet local farmers) where we did get pickles and real cow milk! Later Mom surprised me when we drove out to Cedar Point Light house. It sits on a small peninsula, sand strip within a secure state park. It was really great to observe the camp grounds and the possibly for future trips that wouldn't include the house.

The walk out wasn't as long partially since we didn't have anything better to do and because we needed some exercise. Its a stone non-working lighthouse. I loved looking out across the bay to the North Folk and looking the opposite side to see the town and harbor. So peaceful out there...

I almost forgot to mention our first evening. Friday night was beautiful: not too hot or cold. We cooked up some beef soft-tacos and took a trip down to Big Oloffs ice cream for a night treat. We sat outside eating our ice cream admiring the boats docked in the harbor. Longtime friend from the last trip out to Sag Harbor, the Coastal Drifter III was still in port.

The rest of the day (Saturday) was spontaneous. We decided to keep driving. Map in hand and hope to find another lighthouse with drove through Springs on route 40 and came back into Easthampton on route 41 (on the opposite side of town) passing the Arts and Crafts fair in Fireplace. Later we went to Woldoff estates winery for a tasting. No tasting past whenever they decided to stop that but we stood listening to some live music, drank some white wine and flirted with the busboy :)

Afterwards we drove out to Montauk to get new sweatpants (The End on the butt...I got my first pair waaaay b4 Juicy was plastered on girls butts) and of course Lobster bisque soup from Gosman's. Ride back was a little wet but we managed just fine.

Sunday was a much slower paced day. Melancholy feelings on the last day of the trip to Sag Harbor were a little unsettling. Thinking about all the memories I've made over the years since my Dad has been gone and the good-ole days when the family was together. I tried to keep it together while we spent the afternoon on Long Beach (the bay not the ocean) but I couldn't help my emotions. I was happy Mom was there to comfort me and simply listen without judgement. All in all the end of the evening was so worth the tears. We played cards and Sudoku, BBQ (great fire that later we had to manually distinguish), ate, laughed, packed the car and drove away.

I hope one day in the future I'll remember all the great moments instead of remembering the pain of leaving. I'm sure in time...

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