Thursday, September 6, 2012

Elon Poll Press Conference & A Silent Film

This past Monday I woke up at the crack of dawn to get on the shuttle to Charlotte. It was such an interesting discussion among some very prestigious panelists at the Elon Poll press conference at The Charlotte Observer. Last week, Professor Ferandez and Professor Husser were the leaders for the student run poll to see how NC was likely to vote for President Obama vs Rep. candidate Mitt Romney. I had the opportunity to see the newsroom (hearing the theme song of HBO's newest summer series "The Newsroom") and speak to Dan Gergen. You can see more in the article below: EPoll DNC Press conference OR check out another article focused on the students HERE

 'Where the enemy works'... (Almost Famous - a paraphrased line related to journalism)

 Elon students
 Groovy art wall

 The Panelists

The following evening me and my girls (Lindsay, Jamile and Dionne) went to Chapel Hill after a head aching senior seminar and long day waiting for it to rain (dressed in rain boots and an huge IKEA umbrella walking around in sweat). We saw A Silent Film - a British alternative band Lindsay and I saw last fall with Civil Twilight - and had a blast. Now that we are all legal to drink we had fun experiencing drinks especially Dionne who hadn't ever tasted a rum and coke. It was so fun hanging out people watching after the gig to see if we could get a picture with the band. Robbie, the lead singer, came right up to me and we got chatty (more like I kept asking questions to soften him up for my favor) and was such a good chap getting all the guys together. So merch to take home and we reminisced on the drive home.

 From left to right: Cat, Jamile, Dionne and Lindsay
 Gals with the guys

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