Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wedding Bells, Party Hopping and Range Shooting

Its been a wild yet fun two weekends so far....

Starting with last Friday when my mom and I went to the nail salon to get our pedi mani done for Kerry's wedding. Saturday was the big day from a very early hour. We went to get my mom's hair done and later went to the Coach House Diner off of JFK Blvd in Union City for a quick bite. I'm glad I remembered that the invitation said the ceremony started at 230pm not 3pm. However, as tradition goes the Purtell's have been notorious for doing things later or just late. No bother but it freaked mom out a bit when she realized she had even less time. An hour and a half more or less we made it to the church and lo and behold no bridal party in sight.

 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Herandez
 The most beautiful Maid of Honor - Sweta in a gorgeous purple dress; 
she's her own princess
 Beautiful bridesmaids - Kristy, Madiha, and Hadiha 

 Kiss, Kiss, KISS

The service was beautiful and Kerry and her mom, Mary, looked gorgeous. (Way to go Aunt Mary, the dress looked amazing!) A close family friend, Ed, was so cute getting so pissed off that the photographer was blocking his shot using his disposable camera. Although the photographer made up for it having a photo booth at the reception selling $1 photos.

Like these:

 The band at the reception hall
 Uncle Rene and Grandpa
Ed and Aunt Mary

The reception location was so authentic to our family's tradition. Marbella's was the perfect setting and the band was great! It was so nice to have both families in the same room full of laughs, tears, and happy hearts. Kerry and Chris looked so happy and it seemed to me like the actually act of getting married didn't really matter because they worked together effortlessly. As an outsider looking in I would've assumed them to have been married awhile. Its in the genes I'm convinced: Mary and Gerry Purtell 35 yrs and Ricardo and Isabelle probably 25+yrs.

 Aunt Mary and Uncle Gerry
 Chris and Kerry and cake!
 "My Key Lime Pie" Father Daughter dance
 Bridesmaids danced for the newlyweds and the bride decided to join.

My cuz and I (in blue)

After we returned home and rested for the night it wasn't long before I was on the road in a rental car alone driving down I-95 heading south to Elon. I made it in record time: 8hrs. Rooming with Laura is perfect and I thinking positively about this living situation. Classes were extremely overwhelming but I made it through. Now its a matter of working hard and keeping myself sane. Adding some fun in there is necessary. Like last night when the girls and I went out to a 90's themed b-day party. Though that party was a bust we walked around and observed other activities, I even came across Jamie (new VP for rugby) at Trollinger. A cookout run and sleepy eyes concluded the night.

Today I went to a shooting range with some guy friends. It was a carefree afternoon wearing headphones, goggles,  and rifles. I didn't think I'd do well but I was determine not to let the guys intimidate me. I so needed a distraction and I am so grateful for this unique opportunity. Hey, its not everyday that I can get in a car drive down the road for 45mins and spend a few hours shooting guns back in Jersey. I have truly come to appreciate the culture here in NC and I can say without a doubt that when I graduate in May (knock on wood) I will have had a true college experience.

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