Saturday, March 23, 2013


So a loooong time coming but I'm finally posting about our rugby match against Wilmington last Saturday. I felt pretty good about the game personally because I had made it to every practice in the last two weeks. Of course when I could make a consistent commitment my buddy couldn't. I had decked out a pair of buddy sunglasses two weeks ago and wanted her to have them but she hadn't come to practice so I arranged to pair them with the sweatpants I made her. Must admit I got pretty creative :) but no I don't have picture evidence.

 Me and my buddy!!!
 Jamie - Scrum Captain and 2nd White girl on the team
to have cornrows

Hydration is my best friend and helps me have good stamina. This was particularly helpful when early on in the game when Courtney's lip started bleeding. I didn't wear a scrum cap for the first time which was weird but not terrible. I played eight man poorly but caught the ball, drove into tackles and successfully passed the ball to my teammates which made me very happy. Everyone on and off the field gave it there all supporting each other and making smart decisions. Despite the fact that everyones hearts were in the game the highlight players were definitely Tipton and Diane!

 Courtney's bloody lip and fierce face

 Lineout GO KIMBO!
 Scrum player of the game: Diane, sharing a heartfelt hug w bbf 
Backline player of the game: Tipsy/Tipton sharing a hug w Schmidty

After our post-game pow-wow I went to La Cocina with Rachel and Urs and Urs's boyfriend Lance. It was sooooo good to finally eat a substantial meal. I hadn't eaten since early that morning mainly due to my fear of getting sick or slightly feeling nausea on the pitch. I never knew how good a burrito mexicano could taste until that moment.

We headed to Cash's place afterwards - as directed by our captains - and the door was open but no one was home. After another hour Schmidty and her dad and uncle came by with a keg and the party finally began! It was so great to finally hang out at a social with everyone especially after our last matrix game.

 "Why were you born so beautiful why were you born at use to
us your not effin use at all so drink mo-fo, drink mo-fo, drink mo-fo, drink!"
 The champs 

Last semester buddies :)

Later that night I went to Jamie's place at West End apts to say happy birthday to her roommate - mutual colleagues from the Arabic Language Organization (ALO) and Nonprofits class we took together. The last fun event of the night was Taphouse's fundraiser for Festivius. The live music was pretty great - covers - following $1 green beers and crazy dancing with so many people I know = priceless. Happy St. Patty's day!


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