Monday, May 13, 2013


Harden Clubhouse

Last rugby event of the semester tainted with bittersweet feelings. Although it was nice to have the entire team together for one last hurrah that is what it was, one last hurrah. It hit home for many of the seniors that had changed and grown so much in the past four years at Elon. The team has been such a pivotal part of our lives its hard to imagine (for some) what life will be like without that support, friendship and love. But if nothing else it was so hilarious to see the rookies skit. I was particularly touched by the picture slideshow and Koala's seranade to the seniors ("For Good" from Wicked the musical). We'll always have the memories and if nothing else those of us that return for homecoming or alumni weekend will have the opportunitie to reimense in all our "glory days".

The Seniors

 The L3s

The L2s

The Rookies

Our Team

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