Thursday, May 9, 2013

Music Madness All Weekend Long

Carolina Rebellion & The Airborne Toxic Event

Its a little unsettling that I was sophomore the last time I went to the Carolina Rebellion festival. Granted I was introduced to the festival because of my internship at Deep South Entertainment (Raleigh) and still frequently writing for The Pendulum hence the reason I wanted to go and experience it for myself. In the last month I decided to return as a A&E writer as a last hurrah my second semester as a senior. Additionally I feel really sad I haven't been to many shows with any regularity in the last year and a half. So I went to Carolina Rebellion this Sunday - in the mist of so much chaos with classwork especially ceramics. Despite our excitement and hope to have a great time our expectations were clearly diminished once we got there.

The entire day was wet and stormy. Different from the first time when it was extremely hot and dry this time the horrible downpour prevented the festival events and sets to run smoothly. Not only were their delays and cancellations - most annoyingly Rise Against - but even the tents were being cleared out because the staff and other personnel were pissed that crowd of people were standing underneath without buying stuff or participating in contests etc. Although I should say that the artists that did perform Sunday were enthusiastic, energetic and humble to the fans that stuck out in less than favorable conditions to see shows. The bands/artists we saw included American Fangs, Pop Evil, Hollywood Undead, Sevendust and Buckcherry.

Crowd collecting at Jager stage...nothing else better to do since
Nonpoint cancelled 
 Houston's American Fangs kicking off Sunday's lineup

 Vaginas were represented at Carolina Rebellion
 Carolina - one of the main stages
 Crazy members of Buckcherry endured the worst of the entire day's downpour sessions
Gotta love em for sticking it out!

Good thing was that because stupid Rise Against bailed we got to leave and attempt to get dry. More importantly we got to grab a bite to eat since for most of the day we survived on semi-hot $4 hot chocolate. Subs at Firehouse and then we were back on the road heading due North for Elon.

The following night of music definitely made-up for the misery endured the day before. I was pleasantly surprised to walk into Cat's Cradle and hear the end of Kodaline's set (opening band). Also their EP was $5 so you know I just had to get it. As I patiently awaited for The Airborne Toxic Event I was happily hit with nostalgia. Almost five years ago I was introduced to the band during 101.9RXP hosted Xmas Extravagansa. They opened for The Ting much things have changed since then. The whole set and their extensive encore set was something to relish in for the remainder of the week. I don't think I've enjoyed a show like that since sophomore year when my colleagues and I went to Cat's Cradle (prior to the drab remodeling of the interior) for a Yeasayer concert.

Lead singer, Mikel Jollet, shaking anyone's hand after the encore

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