Monday, June 17, 2013

Crosscountry Roadtrip Part 3

Let me start by saying how awesome this entire trip has been since I left Elon. I am soooo incredibly grateful that I could allow the time, money and energy to do this. Although it has not cost so much compared to many of the other trips I have done in the past (especially overseas) I cannot emphasize enough how beautiful our country is and how important it is to experience the diverse cultures within our country. I've been to so many places in America this trip and in the past running into so many people from other countries. They always say the same thing, this country is so vast in beauty, culture and heart. Despite our shortcomings and perhaps ignorance at times (the American stereotype) I do believe I have witnessed the true America having been on this trip meeting the people and experiencing their lives.

Next stop, San Antonio. It was a little hot but what a beautiful day. We got extremely lucky considering  the last few weeks (days) prior to our visit to the city. We spend a good portion of the day walking around the Alamo getting a very in-depth history lesson. It was so peaceful walking around the Riverwalk and having the best bbq ribs I've had the whole trip and probably ever. Spontaneity took us by storm and we got back in the car and headed west to New Mexico. Driving through the night on a two lane local highway, with no street lights and night creatures occasionally scurrying across the road can be a little unsettling especially for my Mom since I was the driver.
But we eventually got to Roswell in one piece. It was an adventure to find a place to stay after a long day's travels. We tried two towns south of Roswell where all the hotels were booked. Frustrated I prayed that we'd find shelter in our final destination. Must have done something right.

 Smart bird that took Sweet n Low off the table and made its nose look like 
it was addicted to coke

Best BBQ 

Later in the morning after we were rested I went to a laundry-mat down the street and took a few photos of the small town and its alien paraphernalia. I couldn't stop humming the Roswell theme song by Dido in my head as I walked around the street snapping photos of signs and the alien inspired lamp-posts. The good thing about not staying so long in Roswell was that we headed north to Santa Fe and Taos where is was significantly cooler than the expected 100's+ heat in Roswell.

The drive to Santa Fe was a zip and the drive from there to Taos was even better. The NM map was a bit deceptive in that the distance between Roswell and Santa Fe and Santa Fe to Taos was considerably less than it appears on paper. Taos was a well worth venture. We drove a bit on the Taos Loop to a small rural town called Eagle's Nest where we stopped in a local shop that we spend the next 1 1/2 hrs talking to the owners. The shop was filled with Indian artwork and souvenirs. We invested a lot there but it was such a good experience it was worth every penny. On the way back we slowed down to take a picture of the Vietnam Memorial and was greeted several times on the way back to town by elk.

 Steer crossing
 Great welcoming local shop in Eagle's Nest - Golden Eagle
Vietnam Memorial and beautiful sunset
Elk crossing the road

That night we drove once again through the night taking a 2 hrs nap in a hotel parking lot off the interstate outside of Albuquerque. Before we got to Flagstaff we decided to pull off the interstate to go to the Meter Crater although we realized that we had gained an hour. So before it opened we went back on the interstate to see if we could hit on Route 66 again. What luck we had! We ran right into the heart of small-town Wislow, AR where we met Sandy, a local of 40 years who spends her days meeting visitors from all over who come to take pictures of the guy 'Standin' on the Corner' and the red pick-up truck. (if you don't know that reference listen to The Eagle's "Take it Easy"). Later we returned to the Meter Crater and were amazed at the sheer size of the supposed meter that hit so many millions of years ago.

Standin on the Corner in Wislow AR

Read Part IV for more on our experience in Sedona and the Grand Canyon!

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