Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Job & Life in New Brunswick

Before graduating Elon I had tirelessly searched for jobs part-time, full-time, internships - paid or not, fellowships and volunteers opportunities available post college. I applied to many organizations and postings but there were many different (and random) opportunities that arose while waiting to hear back. One was coming across the Fund for the Public Interest. Its a non-profit agency that has locations all throughout the country and corporate being in Boston. In addition the Fund has adopted smaller, local non-profits for each of the offices across the country. The New Brunswick branch consists of NJPIRG - a local non-profit currently working on a campaign to prevent further toxic spills by introducing other forms of chemicals that are less harmful (and have less catastrophic outcomes if a spill were to occur) to the environment during transport and Environment New Jersey - another local non-profit currently working on a campaign to clean up the Jersey Shore.

My heart was always for preventing further pollution, degradation of shore life and strengthen our shoreline so that in the event of another major storm we are more prepared. Since my first day canvassing (people who go out to the public whether it be on the phone, street or door-to-door to gain support through membership and contributions made to the causes/campaigns they address) Tuesday, June 11th I have learned so much. I've also grown to have more admiration and appreciation for those who do this as a career. It is very hard work but does pay off in raising awareness to local concerns and issues that the state continues to ignore. Now I know some people might say - like some I've met while in various central Jersey neighborhoods during canvassing hours - that I am some college liberal kid fighting for the same environmental issues they fought back in their day. Well, your probably right. The problem is that these are STILL issues that have gotten worse. And yes I am still somewhat innocent and naive but I'm full of passion. I believe that if everyone did their part both financially and physically that these issues would not reoccur.

I also believe that older people with that philosophy are really selfish. Yes the issues might not be different but because they haven't been resolved and in most cases gotten worse, my generation including myself suffer and will have an even more challenging time making it better. This will be my life and my legacy. Unlike other generations who failed to make these issues disappear (no offense) its my turn to make it better for the next generations especially my children.

 I won't put it into a global context since most would say it does matter or effect us (but understand it does). What I will say is that doing this work has made me realize that there are good people out there that want to help and make a difference but in most cases don't know how to go about that. So when people like me come up to someones door with knowledge on the issues and ask for help there are people who grab that opportunity.

Blah Blah Blah...I know I'm going off on a rant but this is why I've stayed with this organization. Not to mention how well I've been able to connect with my work colleagues. They are very diverse and unique individuals, most of which are younger than me still in college (mainly Rutgers). Its definitely been a great experience meeting and getting to know each of them more intimately. Socials with the work crew are fun too. We have a consistent schedule:
Mondays - Frozen yogurt at Truly Yogurt
Tuesdays - Stuff Yer Face: boli and beers
Wednesdays - Free pizza
Thursdays - Tumulty's
Fridays - BBQ

Last week I went to Stuff Yer Face and had a giant original boli as we watched Game 6 Spurs and the Heat duke it out. It was so hilarious watching some of my work colleagues get so into the game especially Ben and Loren. I hope to make it to Tumulty's this Thursday to rock out the close of my week before Keith comes from Philly. We're going to see David Brynn and St. Vincent play at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank Friday evening. It'll be a blast!!!! Saturday is a make-up work day aka canvass day and then Sunday is PRIDE!!!

So much to look forward to. I'll keep you posted lol :)

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  1. It has been great reading your blog from the cross-country trip as well as this one about your new job!

    I trust you are doing well. Hope to see you again sometime soon.