Monday, August 12, 2013

Intrepid's SpaceFest, Music and Food :)

What a dayits been, full of nostalgia! As if coming back to the Intrepid Air & Space museum would be enough to send me back into the past, thinking aboutnthe days when I was short and had to run to catch up with my dad. He was always a hard person to catch up with especially in the busy streets of NYC with his 6 ft 2 length in legs. I went to the Intrepid a few times as a kid butafter age 11 you lose interest at least for someone like me who's always doing something interesting, something new even amongst the years of teen angst.

This particular weekend was SpaceFest in honor of the NASA programs and our space history. The Explorer has been stationed there since last year,with the exception of a temporary move after hurricane Sandy. But what found to be hilarious from the beginning of my day at the Intrepid was seeing people from both my most recent and distant past. My friend from grammer/high school, Keith, had text mr that mornjng to say he saw I was going to SpaceFest via Twitter and thought I should know he and some of the former 555 robotics members were already there. And at the ticket booth I ran into my friend Sarah who recently graduated with me at Elon. For some people that crazy of coincedences would've freaked them out but in my experience I tend to find people I know all over the world! (Not kidding its ridiculous sometimes)

 Keith and his mom playing with astronaut gloves

It was a few relaxed overcast day to spend browsing the ship with Keith and the crew. Went to see the shuttle exhibit, walked around the new modern and improved third deck, I met an astronuet, learned some interesting developments with the NASA program - what's happened after the government cut funding - playing a stamp challenge game, got a free NASA knapsack and a free lunch thanks to borrowing someone's non-descript Event Staff pass :) and went on the submarine. Overall a good day.

 Free lunch with pass :)
 Thats not intimidating at all

For all the sailors that are bakers

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