Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

TODAY Sunday, went to the Chinese New Year Parade and Celebration in Chinatown. The Washington DC visitor's website had this event posted and I thought 'since it's free (like most things in this city) why not?' I walked down K St to Chinatown only to find that I had about 1 1/2hrs to spend. Off to Metro City metro stop to hopefully get a Smartcard....NO. Turns out not only does the CVS near the apt not have them but the machine in the only place that should have the cards is broken. Womp womp. Friendly advise from the teller I walked (again) to 14th and H St to the CVS where (thank the Lord) they had some.

Back to the location of the parade I waited, standing, in the cold...for an hour and twenty mins before I realized the parade was taking place a street down from where I stood. Apparently the stage setup near where I was turned out to be the ending ceramony piece to the celebration. Another womp womp. I decided last minute to run around to try and catch the tail end....saw some dragons :)

A stroll back to 11th St a trench coat caught my eye at H&M. Went in unfortunately not in my size but I bought two nice sized pouches for my purse and two collared shirts to add to my wardrobe of business attire. Picked up a coffee (and cupcake :P) at Crumbs and off to New York Avenue. Back at the apartment I had my first seminar for health eating and shopping tips on a budget. Boot camp starts next week...a little nervous but I'll survive (hey hey). Up the elevator to the apartment to cook Maple-Glazed Chicken (thank you Rachel Ray) and even had some leftovers. Meeting with roommates about house hold things like cleaning went well and was fun to chat. Laundry, tea with cupcake, and now sleep. What a day!!!! 

Tomorrow, Monday, is my first day off from work. Although I have a lot of work to do - research for my job, complete my final paper for winter term course, and send a bunch of emails - I will try to relax with a book and my journal. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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  1. DC sounds pretty cool! Too bad you couldn't see more of the Chinese New Year celebrations. But I'm glad to hear you had another adventure filled day in DC. Btw, the first thing I thought about after I finished reading was, I wonder what type of cupcake Cat got? How are the roommates?