Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big Board

Early rise today (Friday) to work but good thing since I got to leave early too (130pm). Met up with an Elon Alum, Brett Cooper aka Coop. Its really nice to get to know people from Elon that are now off doing their own thing out in the big brave world that so many alum and present students at Elon are so very afraid of...don't get that but whatever. I'll definitely check out some of the campaigning information he relayed to me that will be extremely useful next fall semester in NC. Thanks Coop!

Made a return to H&M near Metro Center station and decided to purchase this AWESOME garlic chopping robotic looking thingy. A Martha Stewart product (ehh) but oh so cool! It has wheels like the childhood Hotwheels cars I used to play with...tom girl YEAH! Here look at:
Later tonight I went out with my roommate Eloisa and a bunch of her Mexican friends from The Washington Center (TWC). We went to this cute and cosy bar near the apartment called The Big Board. But that wasn't the best part. It turns out that one of the guys who works there is Mexican (so said one of the Mexican girls I was with) and it turns out he wanted to really impress us with loads of free food AND his co-chef Andrew (and spanish guitarist) gave us a round of free drinks!! WOOT WOOT! We stayed out for four hours getting back to the apartment around 130am. I was exhausted and slept immediately. Look out for another new post....

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  1. Free food and free drinks...Amazing! Gotta love the perks for being an attractive, friendly female!