Thursday, April 5, 2012

EWR Tournament and April Fools Brunch

I know its a bit delayed but lets just say I've been recovering from such a busy weekend....last weekend. LOL. My weekend started early actually, on Thursday. I decided to go to the Dubliner for a drink. I was inclined to go where the music is playing and it goes without saying that if the place is close to the apartment I'm game! Can you believe this is the first time (throughout my college career) I've gone out on a "weekday"?!?!?!? Yeah I'm such a homebody lol

It was nice for once to go to a pub and talk to people and NOT get hit on. It was carefree fun before the stupid bus driver left Union Station waaaay early. Considering it was the last late bus and I didn't have cash I ended up walking back. Thankfully I was soothed by the security personnel at the concierge desk, she is so friendly. She advised me to email my RA about the bus situation but I know that won't do much but put yet another problem on Chazzy's radar. Soon to be forgotten type thing...

Friday was low-key. I ended up staying in doing some homework. BUT its a good thing I did because I was up so early on Saturday morning and I didn't return to the apartment before midnight. I had to go cheer my ruggers on the pitch at the Cherry Blossom Tournament in Maryland. I went to the Rockville Metro station to meet up with Diane. Her house is immaculate and her parent are saints for hosting almost the entire EWR team. Granted this year some girls stayed at Molly's place (which is equally sainthood-like) but everyone ended up at Diane's place Saturday morning for breakfast and greetings and then off to the game.

It was a blast. I only wished - like Rhi - that I could play. I should have brought my cleets, mouth guard, and rugby gear to DC. I never thought about joining a team here like the DC Furies or did I plan to go to this tournament but I'm so happy I did. I was accompanied on the sidelines with friends, family, and some "injured" players, screaming my guts the whole time. :)

Here are some photos:

Injured ruggers with a member of the DC Furies (also injured)

Molly has got some balls

Future Rugger :) Courtney's nephew

Can't a girl get some help with her hair? 



Tottie - alumni

April fools fell on a Sunday this year. I won't be fooled, I'm prepared thanks to my Mom (yea she made me cry one year).  I went to a brunch at an Elon alum's house-sitting house. It was GORGEOUS! What an ideal location and how lucky to have an extended period to live in a place like that in the heart of Georgetown. It was nice to meet some of Kristin's friends who are also Elon Alums even if it was brief. There was a nice spread of food but I'm just sad I didn't come sooner to join in more conversation but made up for it walking around in the neighborhood a bit with Kristin. Later made a pit stop into Sephora for some much needed Sugar lip tint among other hygienic things

This work week started on Monday. WHAT.A.NIGHTMARE. I felt like I needed to be in three places at once. I tried to work and then something would happen. Interruptions throughout the day. Grrrrrr At least I'm done now but my Mom is coming over for this coming weekend so that will be fun but busy too.

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  1. Busy, busy girl...tell you're mom I said hello and I hope you have tons of fun with her!