Thursday, April 12, 2012

When Mommy Comes to Town....

What an amazing weekend! I honestly could not have asked for better weather or was bliss. I was so grateful to share it with the one person who is so dear to my heart: my Mom. It was even more special because this was the first time my Mom has visited Washington, D.C. She often refers to her bad experience driving through D.C. with her former boyfriend, Dallas. They apparently got lost and driving through D.C. at night didn't leave a good impression. Now nearly 25+yrs later she's back but on foot.

She arrived on Thursday evening and we immediately went to a local bar/burger joint called The Big Board. To my dismay they didn't have the regular menu but a late night menu. Luckily, she tried some sliders to give her a taste of how good those burgers are (I recommend the grilled salmon burger). Good cheers and reminiscence I was completely caught off-guard when Farrell Parker, singer/actress from my high school's artsy organization SVPA (Student Visual and Performing Arts), called out my name: "Catherine Valero." I knew that this person (I had my back to her) had to be from my past. It was a pleasant surprise and I was happy to know that not only she had moved down the street (H St) but she also informed me that a few other SVPA peeps lived in the DC metro area too.

The next morning was an even greater joy considering I was off of work - thanks Mommy! Friday was full of walking everywhere, seeing everything and getting so pooped we ended up ordering pizza for dinner. We went to the National Mall to see the Capitol and the Smithsonian, walk down to the George Washington monument, walked to the WWII memorial (which I found out was recently built in 2004), Vietnam memorial, Korean War memorial, and of course my mom's goal the Lincoln memorial. She was stunned and awed that we as a nation gave such a memorial to this one man, "its says a lot about him and what he did that makes him so important for so many"Mom said. From there we did walk up to the White House (both the back and the front on PA Ave) and sat on a bench in a nearby park to relax our footies.
Below are some pics of the day:

 White Russian milkshake
 Teapot #1

The Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

Oh yeah, almost forgot. We went to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial by Mom's request and I'm glad we did. It was so personal (one piece for each person who died).

We also ate a $2 taster at Fojol Boys food truck! The Kennedy Center never fails to amaze. We went to a free show where the Berklee College of Music (Boston) performed. It was truly influential because the students shared the fact that on their way down from Boston they received sad news that their professor and friend passed away. Even though it was difficult to get through they shined and played such a beautiful performance. It would've made him proud.

 Fojol truck

Vietnam Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Back of White House

Saturday, another BEAUTIFUL spring day. We started early and ate at Ted Bulletin's ---highly recommend the "Adult" milkshakes!!! YUM - White Russian :) From there we visited the Eastern Market and browsed the fruit/vegetable vendors as well as all the artisan tables. To our delight we even watched a cooking demo and ate the food too! Thanks Jonathan ...

Mom tried a Raspberry Lemonade cupcake and I tried the Carrot Cake cupcake from Curbside Cupcake Pinky 3. Delish! We also had something a little bit more filling at a local French bistro where my mom was thrilled to receive a pot of tea....again! (First was at Ted Bulletin's). She's a major tea snob but I love her. A nice brisk walk to the National Mall again, passing the Library of Congress-Thompson Jefferson and the Capitol to await the start of International Pillow Fight Day's pillow day DC style. Some pics of the entertaining event are shown below:

Afterwards we walked around the information center's garden (Castle Smithsonian) and then left taking the Metro back to the apartment to rest a bit. Dolled up and feeling refreshed we headed back out 2 hrs later to see Georgetown and go to the Easter Vigil at The National Cathedral. Alan greeted us in the lobby and chatted a bit - best person - and then we were off. Took the Circulator to Georgetown and walked around M St as well as the some side streets to explore the true vibe of residential Georgetown. NOTE FOR ALL WOMEN: DON'T BE STUPID! I know you want to wear those really cute heels with those jeans but you just can't when you are walking at length on brick pathways! Practical is a must! 

Curbside Cupcake

Pillow Fight!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Stone Building garden in Georgetown

Georgetown Cupcake.....line down the street.

Great find! Its a small Mediterranean cafe called Quick Pita. Yummy Falafels!

National Cathedral.....jaw dropping 

 YEP that a purse made of moss and flowers :)

The National Cathedral (link: was gorgeous and so immense! I guess St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC is the same in height (HUGE) but next to skyscrapers its hard to see its greatness from the outside like this one in DC. Another Note: be prepared going to the Easter Vigil, its a lot of standing, sitting, standing, sitting...its a long service and candles are everywhere so you might be on the verge of fainting like I was. After the service we caught the bus to U St. to see the festivities and eat at Ben's Chili Bowl ( Ben's provided some decent food and some even better entertainment :P

Kimono exhibit

Sunday = Easter. And my Mommy brought me an Easter basket from home. It really was a perfect day! We did venture out to the kimono exhibit at the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Maryland and 13th (Maryland Avenue is WACKY - you are warned). Then a nice four course Easter brunch at Graffiato's in Chinatown (link: It was nice to get a taste of eight dishes instead of four. Back at the apartment I was slowly fading of exhaustion. But we did rent the "Easter Parade" with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, one of my all time favorites. Sleepiness zzzzzzzz kept us both in bed. No concert at The Black Cat for us. Sorry Screaming Females.

It was hard to say goodbye but it was an incredibly perfect weekend I'll never forget.

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  1. Aww it sounds like you had a great time with your mommy and that y'all were 2 busy ladies for the weekend! I'm impressed that y'all did so much. Btw...the next time I'm in DC I'll have to try Georgetown Cupcake...with a line that long the cupcakes must be pretty good.