Monday, April 23, 2012

Busboys&Poets and the Smithsonian Craftshow

I've tried to go to Busboys & Poets (Link: for as long as I've been in DC. My friend Marlena, who now goes to UMD studying to be a journalist (check out her work:, suggested Busboys when I visited her at UMD in February. I was surprised to find that there four locations: two in DC, one in Maryland and one in Virginia. Unfortunately our plans fell through on Friday night to visit the Hyattsville Busboys for the Talent show due to the most stupidest and weird bus schedule which ended mid-afternoon. WHAT?!?! That's Maryland for you...

Change of plans we rescheduled to meet at Busboys on 5th & K St Saturday for the Youth Open Mic. It was so great. I loved seeing so many young adults and even younger children expressing themselves and exposing their beautiful talents. Art is important and for most of these kids its an escape from the harsh realities they must live with. Here was a community of all types of people, young, old, black, white, asian, indian, handicapped, healthy, sick, everyone coming out in the mist of a storm to hear and support art.

 Older youth featured artists: rapper and Spanish guitarist (he played Led Zeppelin's "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You"!!!) 

The food was as good as they say. Try the chicken salad on challah bread and the pomegranate lemonade :)

I did work a lot during the morning and afternoon on Saturday but it always seems like I'm so distracted these days. Its so hard for me to focus and concentrate on my work when there are so many other things I'd rather be doing that will enhance and enriched my DC experience. Why can't we have the option to have a meeting with our program directors and explain all there is to discuss regarding all the events, activities and work done during our internship? I much rather do that in one fell swoop than worry about a freakin portfolio that...oh btw WE have to pay for the "binding" and paper, etc. BS!

Sunday I gave blood around 1030am and later went to the National Building Museum to visit Tom's (Daddio) sister Carol Snyder. She is an amazing ceramics artist (Link: and I'm glad I made an appearance because there was a tons of innovative and such modern designs that I recognized would not be presented in your typically arts & craft show. This was a legit show, apparently one of the harder shows to get into so go Carol! Check out her personal website:

 By Carol Snyder - She told me that for this piece her inspiration came from the corn fields during the winter season and the top serrated perameter represents the tops of trees as you look out into a field or farm in Ohio
 Thought this was cool - glass craved into balls of yarn 

Carol's booth from above :)

I was truly awed and impressed by the magnificent ascetics of the building. The museum exhibits were in rooms along the perimeter of the building on all three floors. It was such a relaxing experience walking around the building. See for yourself

Shadow box with wooden pieces of various American buildings - inspired by the skyscrapers in various cities. 

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