Friday, July 13, 2012

Chill Down By the Seashore

Sag Harbor has always been a place of calamity and relaxation. I've been so fortunate to have the luxury of time and a place to spend a few weekends here and there during the summer since I was born. I'm often reminded of the memories I've shared throughout the years going out to the East End with my family. My mom always remarks the time we went out to Sag Harbor with my Aunt Barbara before my cousin Brian was born. It seems to have been a fond memory for my mom especially since that was the time when I ate my first solid food: ice cream. No wonder why its one of my trigger foods! (Along with  Nutella).

In the last five or six years we've tried to bring new people out with us to experience what we treasure so dearly. I feel it is a magical place despite the rudeness of pretentious drivers and the snotty attitudes of the Hamptonites. See the people who've lived out there for sometime like our family still called the South and North Forks the East End. I just don't see the point calling it The Hamptons. Who died and made those people kings and queens.

This past weekend my DC friend and former TWC alum, Kristi, came to spend a relaxing time at the beach. She was an absolute joy to be around not to mention a good luck charm. All the traditional things to go wrong or be challenging were easier with her around...I'm convinced. I was super excited that she had the opportunity to spend time on the beach at both the bay and the ocean. We went out to Montauk for an afternoon and went up the lighthouse. She even had the chance to eat a whole lobster!! And unlike my other friends who ignored my advice to A) put on sunscreen, B) stay out in the sun for a limited amount of time, and C) reapply sunscreen, Kristi, who is paler than almost anyone we've taken out there, listened to everything AND got a really nice tan.

Dropping her off in downtown Sag Harbor on the Jitney was a sad moment. She didn't want to go back to work and I didn't want her to leave. However, there will be other times. We stayed an extra night with Daddio (aka Tom) and even squeezed in a visit to his favorite Candy Kitchen as well as grab a quick bite at this new joint Mom recommended called Bay Burger (TRY the watermelon sorbet - its delish!)

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