Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hippafied and Kickin Butt

This weekend was different for me on a number of counts:  I had decided when I returned from Morocco that I would try to investigate my neighborhood and people within the community. So first, this past Friday I intentionally went to an event hosted by the Downtown Jersey City Social Group at Cityside Bistro. It was nice to meet new people included a particularly rad girlfriend Bella and her drinking buddy Shell. Leave it to me to seek out the international crowd - two Indians, a Russian and a Chinese person. Second, after safely walking Shell back to her car which was nearby Grove St. area Bella suggested going out. We made our way to Porto for a drink outside on the patio (even though it was super wet due to rain) then quickly decided to extend our time hanging out making an appearance at LITM. That's where I had the pleasure of speaking with a Brit, Ben, who was friends with the DJ and Ted, a Johnny Cash look-a-like but not really.

Ted and his friends were celebrating a colleague's 25th birthday. So with a birthday comes drinking, drinking oh and more drinking. Thankfully we met our third and final destination at Lucky 7's. That was a punk-grunge bar playing my kind of music. I even shot a dart or two which is nothing to brag about. A dance to Nirvana's "Smell Like a Teen Spirit" a sip of my vodka cranberry and I was ready to go. I did have a lot of fun with my new JC friend Bella which I only hope to be repeated.

Saturday was an easy-going stay at home in the shade kind of day with the exception of a walk up to Central Ave for lunch. Sunday morning however, whooped my ass quiet literally. I embarked on another meetup event with the Hamilton Park Fitness & Wellness group. A soon-to-be trainer Nick hosted this hour bootcamp which I still feel today (Tuesday). I thought throughout the entire workout "wow, I'm actually really out of shape." But in the end I still felt good about pushing myself. Mom picked me up with three full water bottles after a panicked phone call towards the end of the workout. One word: dehydration.

BIG fuzzy dice...I don't think that'll fit inside on the mirror?!?!

On our way home we stopped at this amazing vintage shop called Revival Vintage. It was a place I will have to revisit before school starts. Between the decades fashion, the furniture, music and decor I couldn't have been more happy. Plus it was an added bonus the place had air conditioning since our 2000 Saturn's AC is busted from oh three years ago...

Wash up, brunch at the Coach House where we devoured most of our cranberry walnut whole grain pancakes (YUM) and a quick sowing lesson completed my very fabulous weekend.

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