Saturday, January 5, 2013

1st Weekend of the Last J-Term

Short week to start with, only two days of class so far. Its an afternoon class so I can't complain. Today we watched Iron Jawed Angels a favorite of mine that I was acquainted with back in high school when I was a member of the N.O.W Montclair section. Being a Gender & Communications course our professor Dr. Sharon Eisner thought that this was a great way to start discussion, understanding and background of the struggles of people (in this case women's suffrage) based on ones gender. It already seems to be an interesting class.

J-term for me was always a treat. I loved having one class for a few hours M-F and as a result feel a great sense of freedom to do so much that during a "normal" semester sometimes (most of the time) seems impossible to accomplish (i.e. reading for pleasure -- books I want to read not those assigned for class or work on my languages -- Spanish and Arabic). With that I also vowed to make the very best of my last j-term doing as much "partying" and fun stuff that I will only have the chance to do with some people whose time is limited (graduating early). Tonight I decided to let loose and go out to dinner at Red Bowl (Asian restaurant check it out HERE) with some friends, watched one of my all-time faves Clue (I absolutely LOVE the endings), watching disturbing cat videos on YouTube and went out to the Ke Lo Ke Hookah Lounge in Burlington. The ultimate highlight of the night for me was doing what I wanted to do and feeling happy doing it.

Green Dragon Roll & Eel sashmi YUMMY!!!

Its seemed that in the recent I'd go as far to say most of my past I've allowed people and circumstance get in the way of doing things I want to do. Of course in regards to some things (i.e. my gap year before Elon where I travelled the world alone) I don't let things ruin my "plans" but sometimes  I do. But no more and I get the feeling that some of my collages feel the same way.

The hookah lounge was the most interesting and fun part of the night. It was fascinating to see a hookah lounge become a nightclub, dance competition and strip club at the same time. When we first arrived it was already busy. After we selected and paid for our flavor ( was actually really nice and not too sweet) we sat down and people watched. The crowd was incredibly diverse which was comforting. Growing up in Jersey City I miss that but I have to remember how multicultural Burlington and NC in general really is.

The DJ was pretty good giving the customers a variety of music to dance to but I cannot make this up when I tell you that he was horny as f$%@. He came up with a dance competition, NO let me clarify a booty dance competition. Oh, lord is what I have to say to that. I found it hilarious how the men in the "club" packed into a confined area surrounding the few girls who decided to participate. They were herding into them like cattle. Then the next thing I know I see a few women walk by in bikinis and the half of the herd followed them to a stage near the door (aka closer to our table). After about twenty minutes of this we left to return home listening to the Burlesque (the movie) soundtrack. If I were to reflect on the events of tonight I would say at least this was an experience I can share with my class during discussion :) but more importantly that sometimes the best things in life aren't planned.

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