Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Celebrations and Goodbyes

The last week of J-Term was pretty low-key as far as work and activities but not less fun. It was good to know that I had really learned a lot from my Gender & Communications class. Most of which I attribute thanks to my colleagues and their openness to discuss difficult issues. I only hope they all continue to be aware of issues related to gender (more so humanity) and help others to become aware as well. Also I very much appreciated the guidance and support throughout the course from Dr. Eisner. I hope to continue my relationship with her in my last semester at Elon and in the years to come.

In the morning of my final I went to see a few of my friends perform their scenes for their class: Acting for Nonmajors. One of them did a scene about a couple in the south and issues related to a mutual friend who is in prison and the other scene was about these two friends, who are also factory workers, discussing the issues/histeria that comes with having a baby with someone who is mutual friends with your friends. Both scenes were good. I especially enjoyed the scene about three army vets particularly because it was all out hilarious!

Later that night I pushed my friends to go out to the men's basketball game against Chattanooga instead of going to or watching a movie at the apartment. Live a little is my motto. So they did come and we had a blast. It was an added perk that a lot of the players are cute so.... Alice was there with some friends too. I am so humbled to her for introducing me to Elon's bball team. I wouldn't have gone to any games if it wasn't for her encouragement and enthusiaism for the game. Thursday night was my third game of the season and in my entire college career. It was also an added bonus that we won! Afterwards we decided to go to Fro-yo (despite both of my friends being cold). Having forgotten to eat regularly all day I splurged (as you can see my fro-yo cup below). As entertainment we found a poster on the wall that looks identical to how Jamile looked when she was younger. See for yourself:

My fro-yo cup of madness
Jamile as a little girl

Friday was both a horrific and highly comedic travel day. It started to a rocky start when I couldn't get hold of my friend to pick me up to take me to the airport. Jamile was able to do so which was great. Getting off the train in Raleigh I checked with the ticket agents to see when and where the 100 bus would come. Sitting there for about 20-25mins I decided to ask again. Thankfully I did because the first agent was completely off. I decided to walk to the bus center I was told is where I could get the bus. Cold and snow flurries wouldn't stop a northern geneically hot-hot-hot blooded like me. So 30mins at the station and the bus came on-time. Only problem was the crowded streets near NC State's campus and the highway due to slick road conditions (leave it to NC). Finally getting to the terminals I got off at the wrong one having to get back on a bus to terminal B. Got my ticket but realized my flight was delayed.

View at Burlington Amtrak station at 845am

Waiting, waiting, waiting patiently reading a book the gateagent kept us updated with more delays due to the weather. Once on the place around 415pm (for an original 222pm flight) we waited in the aircraft at the gate to be deiced. Of course being in NC the pilot informed us that due to the power of the deice hose was so strong the main radio antena was broken. Luckily they have two other radios but they also have to fill out paperwork about the broken antenna. With a short window of opportunity to deice, call Newark Liberty, taxi out and take off for NJ the pilot reassured they were doing the best they could. Around 530pm we finally left the gate. At around 730 we arrive at the gate in EWR and I waited amusingly at the baggage claim curbside for my mom. Being so late I was hungry so we ate at my usual and favorite place in JC the Coach House Diner.

The next evening Dennis and my mom worked on the upstairs bathroom (process of being renovated) all day while I didn't. Later that night mom and I drove down to southern Tom's old neighborhood in Monroe to my mom's Atena associate Sam's house. My mom is the benefits manager for a Taco Bell franchise. Over the last few years she's developed a friendship with her Atena rep Sam. Living in NJ and spilling the beans about cooking Indian food he invited us to come down to party. So we did and it was great. Chicken curry was to die and ladies I'm telling you a guy who can cook and likes to cook is golden! Although Sam is available he's a little too old for me but any takers I'm sure he'd be willing to date.

Leftovers from Indian feast

Sunday mom and I went back to our old church in Montclair, St. John's Episcopal, in honor and celebration of Peter Jackson, the decon. I was amazed when he mentioned during the service that he had been at St. John's for 6 years which is 3 years more than usual. It was also embrassing to start crying in the middle of the service but I remembered how much Peter meant to me and my journey at St. John's. I met him when I was a junior in high school which seems like ages ago now. I will never forget his kindness and openness to people in the congregation and everywhere. It wouldn't have been appropriate to not celebrate with joy, music and a great spread at coffee hour for someone who made such an impact on this community.

Last night I decided to join my mom's trip back to the Montclair area for book club. Carol, my "fairy godmother"and longtime friend through church, was hosting and cooking lasagna for dinner. Most if not all the women in this book club are from our church: Patty, Liz, Priscilla (although not anymore), Terry, Carol, Ellen (who no longer comes since she moved to CA), Lin, and my mom. Having known all of them for nearly a decade they love me and were so happy to hear I wanted to join for a night. The book this month was called "Proof of Heaven". It was a very interesting book to discuss among a predominatly church-goer, faithbased group who have a diverse understanding of God and heaven and what it means to them personally and universally.
A street in my neightborhood

Although I had said that today would be a work day (Tues. Jan 30th) I ended up not doing much of anything. However, I did go out to mail my previous year's taxes, go to the bank and get some produce at a local shop on Central Avenue. Walking back from central Heights I came across some graffiti. It definitely put things into perspective for me because something as in consequental as this to some helped me remember where I live and where I'm from.

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