Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Holi

My spring internship at The Washington Center was a great experience that I would not trade for anything in the world but it came at a price. I wasn't around to hang out with some of the seniors that I had made close relationships with, the beautiful blooming of flowers all over campus....

 and I missed out on a couple of new and/or exciting events. Like the Holi celebration. Former WSOE staff member and now Elon Alum Raj Rawal was and still is one of the most notorious Indians within the Elon Community. Thanks to his emense pride and dedication to his faith we had our very first Holi celebration last spring. While I was running around the Capital students were caking each other is colorful powder to commemorate the coming of springtime and happiness. Despite the fact that Raj as most seniors last year - with the exception of one on the rugby team whom we love stayed an extra year to be with us :) - I feared Elon would not revive Holi this year. To my surprise when walking down the halls of the Moseley Student Center I saw a digital flyer for Holi!

Before the battle...

As it turns out a bunch of my teammates also wanted to participate this year. So we rallied the troops and met on the "boobs" for the event. After hearing about the Hindu myth about why Hindus celebrate Holi and that its ok to join the celebration even if you are not Hindu we did just that. Grabbing cups half-full with bright orange, yellow, hot pink and kom kom red powder. Let the Games BEGIN!!! We showered each other with powder, dancing, trying to wipe away powdered-inked teeth and most importantly having so much fun.

 Koala (L3) and Jess (L1)
 More friends

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