Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Senior Year Festivus Extravaganza...and no, not like Seinfeld

Senior year has been a great time to experience all the things at Elon and college I have yet to do or always wanted to do. I've incorporated the "now or never" philosophy almost everyday since I started the school year. There have been some very rewarding experiences and some very interesting and/or enlightening ones too.

Unlike many of my colleagues on the rugby team and some other seniors I have not been to Festivus since my sophomore year. Despite my original reservations about going in the first place it was the MOST FUN I have had in awhile. So in true Elon tradition I returned this year for a last horrah! It was bigger than I remembered, perhaps because the entire mudpit was moved to the bottom of the hill giving more people the opportunity to participate in the craziness. I was a little turned off at the enormous amounts of crushed Solo cups I crawled over and fell on during the event. It left my knees in especially gruesome state but other than that (and the not-so-nice cut up barefoot walk back to my apt) I had a great time! Evidence of my messiness is shown below:

 Mixed cocktail before noon!

The aftermath

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