Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pride Week & Prom Dress

Another interesting week at Elon. Although I have been a horrible Spectrum member the entire year I wanted to at least make an appearance at some of the events during Pride Week. Before classes Monday I put my rainbow pin on my backpack as a sign of support and of course pride! Tuesday at College Coffee I renewed my vows with my life long "partner" Lindsay. It was such a bittersweet moment considering this would be the last 30 minute marriage of our college careers. At least this year I looked somewhat healthy and put together. I was so embarrassed the last few times looking back at the photos. In my defense I was sick one year but another year I just looked silly and so immature. 

After a full day's schedule including going to the Boys and Girls Club in Burlington I went to the panel that evening which was somewhat interesting. I particularly liked Dr. Swimalar who discussed human rights violations within the international community and focusing on LGBT issues abroad part of human rights. 

Later in the week aka Wednesday was a busy BUSY day. Ceramics class is picking up in momentum and I can't determine whether or not I'm behind or on-track or what. None the less I went to class in the morning and then had back-to-back engagements. I ended up staying in the library until 3am but the good thing was that I scored big with late night Panera. 

I got a bagel, carrot cake muffin and an entire pkg of cookie!!!

Thursday I got extra credit in my PR class since nearly 1/2 the class was absent so that was nice. Friday was another back-to-back starting with early rise at 830am to get ready to go to Cummings H.S. in Burlington with a group member to collect our surveys for the anti-bullying campaign we're required to do as a final project. Ugh have I mentioned how annoying and pointless college and school group projects are? At least my group members are nice and tolerable otherwise this would feel more like torture. I also got a cupcake at the Spectrum pride table in Moseley on my way to Irazu for a coffee. I had an interview with Enter the Haggis (check this band out HERE) who will be performing at MerleFest on Thurs. April 26. The Pendulum will be publishing a "preview" article about MerleFest featuring a Q&A interview that I will be writing. 

That night I spend almost 4hrs in Arts West working on bowls. Lindsay came for a bit to hang out. I needed to relax and zone out from work. Saturday, per usual, is a rugby day. However, what is truly unfortunate is that both teams we were supposed to play bailed on us last min. But EWR will prevail. We divided up the team and played 4-15min quarters. It was the longest, gruelling, fun, emotional rugby games I've ever played. And of course the last game I'll ever play as an undergraduate. Prom dress galore and fans unite! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us. Purpose. Pride. Passion.

Even the Alums came back to play - Cobra showin off her bum
after one of the opposing teammates ripped off part of her dress

Team captains: Schmidty and the Ruddster

The Seniors 

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