Monday, July 8, 2013

Rally in Trenton & Fun with Co-workers

Into my forth week at the Fund and I've learned so much about this job, my position and how the office runs. My second week some of the canvassers - Tim, Eddie and I - drove down to Trenton to meet Doug, Regional Director for Environment New Jersey. We were among many other NJ citizens and groups rallying against fracking. For those that don't know, fracking or hydraulic fracking is a method of drilling into the rock below the ground that is often mixed with groundwater. The mixture is injected at high pressure into a well along which fluids such as gas, petroleum and groundwater. In other words this method of retrieving resources from the ground is poisoning our water.

It was so inspirational to see all these people together; verbally and physically making their presence and feelings known to those in Trenton.

 Co-workers Tim and Eddie with Regional Director Doug

 League of Women Voters support the Ban Fracking Amendment
 Legislators came out to voice their support 
First-hand testimony of the bad effects and aftermath of well water 
for local Pennsylvania native 

A week later I was in the office on a Saturday to make up my day off with ole friend Keith. We went to the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank the evening before to see David Byrne and St. Vincent perform (Check out my music blog HERE for more info). It was such a great (high energy) and fun show! Three encores!!!! I really loved the brass used on their most recent album. Everyone on and off stage seemed to be having a good time.

Saturday canvassing early in the morning isn't that great. But this particular Saturday in Middletown not only was there no chance or sign of rain but I also made $420! I achieved what the office recognizes as a "spicy night" - $350+ and 10+ petitions signed. I felt really good along the drive to Princeton to drove off the Zipcar I used the evening before with Keith (to go to southern Jersey) and waiting for the extremely delayed train to Secaucus was irritating. I eventually made it to the station where Mom picked me up and we spend the next few days lounging around not doing much of anything. We did, however, go and check out "Great Expectations" from the Main library downtown. Having never read many of the classics or Charles Dickens I thought it would be appropriate to do so now. 
Playing around in the office on a Saturday. One of our directors 
has a panda-shaped cookie for a head. 

Stay tuned for updates on July 4th in the office and other craziness.

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