Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All-Around Champs

Its been awhile since I've wrote a post so I'm hoping this one is somewhat entertaining. I'll start with the fact that I've been on the verge of insomnia. From the second week in September I've spent a lot of time in the library including weekends. Over the last week I've pulled late nights in Belk hanging out with some other library geeks: my rugby mates - Courtney, Steph, Ruddster. I was pleasantly surprised when I was studying in my "regular" spot - one of the tables near the reference books - and saw a line of students form outside the Writing Center to get their hands on goodies from Panera. Between caffeine and the sugar its no wonder why I have trouble getting to sleep after I come home around 2am every night. With midterms next week I wouldn't be surprised if I pull an all-nighter or two *makes a sour face*.

Last weekend was Family Weekend and I can't believe its been four years since I met Lindsay's dad and celebrated our first month at Elon. A lot has changed since then especially the fact that I chopped my hair (lol). I was invited to join Lindsay, her father, Jamile and Dionne for dinner at Simply Thai on Friday. As I walked around the parking lot to meet them in the restaurant I realized their was an overflow of cars parked on the grass due to the high volume of parentals visiting. With parents also comes TERRIBLE drivers....speaks to the terrible student drivers at Elon (had to learn that from someone). I always fear for my life as a pedestrian but since I've returned to campus I am scared to ride my bike in the street (that should be easier than maneuvering pedestrian traffic on sidewalks). Thankful that I didn't feel nauseous after dinner (in the past Simply Thai was my stomach enemy) I went back to the apartment and slept. 

Check out Simply Thai (HERE)

The next morning I tried to be a bit productive as I watched the rain pour down outside I moaned at the thought that our game would be 1) wet and cold or 2) cancelled. I consistently checked the weather channel, my emails, and Facebook to see if the game was cancelled but to my dismay the game was still scheduled to happen. And it the pouring rain....and in the cold. It was fine in the beginning when we were practicing before the actual game but as the rain came down, stopped and then the evening cold came I was so uncomfortable and ready to be done. I think it would've been better if I had played at least a little bit so that I could retain body heat but its hard to feel warm when you are damp, in the open air and cold. Despite my challenge to keep a positive attitude - and cheer across the field to support the team - it was well played game. Charlotte whipped our butts last year but this game was more competitive especially since the final score was 0-0. 

Team pic (notice our beautiful wet and muddied bodies)

Although I wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner with the team I needed to go home immediately to warm up. Unfortunately most of the girls with cars were staying to watch and support the boys rugby team or going with their families to wherever. So I walked home. It was the coldest I've been this semester thus far. I promised myself when I got home that I would never not take my bike to get to the intramural fields unless I had a ride there and back (especially not in the freakin rain). A hot shower, long sweats and soup I was ready to go to sleep.

Sunday was a "catch up on work"day as it is for most college students. I went to the library right when it opened and stayed until 6pm. Later I watched the Giants played the Eagles in Philly. Unfortunately Big Blue didn't win but it was a very close game. I so miss having the opportunity to yell at the television and not appear to be a crazy person :) LETS GO GIANTS!

This week is already overwhelming but after practice on Tuesday some teammates went to Mellow Mushroom for the EWR ProfitShare. I missed the deliciousness of the Kosmic Karma pizza. Also did anyone notice the new menu? I returned to Belk satisfied and content.
The aftermath of Mellow Mushroom feast

Monday-Wednesdays are the days I literally live in Belk: early morning I'm there, in between classes I'm most likely there and of course late at night I'm there. So I'll probably be there after the presidential debates tonight (its Tuesday) to work on midterm stuff...WHY, why do seniors have midterms?????? I mean how is this going to be useful getting a job after college, hello?!?!?! ok, I'm calm now. Anyway look for a post in the near future, probably before fall break.

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