Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We're All in Part of the Gang

So Fall Break at Elon seemed very reminiscent of freshman year when all I did was hang out around La Casa with hallmates and watch movies, eat junk food and share stories. Believe me I tried to enjoy myself after Thursday - last class before the break and no more midterms - but it was difficult to transition at first. However, my body resisted to keep playing the "stress-myself-out-to-oblivion" game and the next morning (Friday) I woke up late (like 10am). First sign of needing rest as if sleeping through practice time on Thursday afternoon wasn't a clear enough message. I think almost everyone I talked to over the break via phone told me to stop studying and actually have a break. The advice must have settled in by Friday night because I did just that. I went to see Argo - movie about CIA mission to make a fake science-fiction movie, Argo, in order to get the six American hostages out of Iran in 1979 -  and then slept until 10am on Saturday.

I did - despite the advice from close family and friends - attempt to work on Saturday and Sunday afternoons since Belk was open, oh and I did work out those days too. But soon enough my body won its demand to relax. I stay home watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Saturday night and after running into my rugger buddy, Ursula, at the gym earlier on Sunday I went over to Mill Point to have a "pot luck" dinner with her, Brittany, Taylor and a couple other ruggers, Jamie, Tipton and Diane. It was a plethora of food: supreme pizza, apple slices w carmel sauce, pork chops, mashed potatoes, and my crockpot Mushroom Spinach Tortelleni Soup :) YUM

As if to continue my not working habits on Monday I went to Kohl's and I visited the FIRE salon for their Sustainable Beauty Event in honor of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation Brazil Project. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation's mission is to plant and help others to plant about 18 billion fruit trees globally (approx. 3 per person) and encourage their growth under organic standards. The FIRE salon set up $5 services - mini facial, neck, head or back massage, make-up or hair braiding demo, etc - and the proceeds would go to the Foundation. My stylist, Sonya, had told me about it when I cut my hair in late September. So I invited the group of ladies at the "pot luck" to come with. No one but Ursula could make it but it was nice hanging out for a little while. Besides the event also showcased local food, beer and wine all for free so we scored!

Last but not least I pretty much didn't do work today, Tuesday. Instead I watched a zombie movie, 30 Days of Night, and I cleaned a bit. Also I was probably amped up for the concert tonight at Cat's Cradle more or less. The Australian band, The Temper Trap, came and blew everyone away. I think they mentioned it was there first time in NC. The Neighborhood, opening band, was decent but what I couldn't understand was the outfits. All black except for the drummer dressed in all white, all wore necklaces of some sort (I think the drummer was wearing a crucifix) and all looked so boyish. The bit of rapping was ok but I was happy The Temper Trap played such an epic show. I mean the lights were sooo intense! (Notice my pics below) However, it was very distracting to have a couple in front of me and my gal Lindsay who consistently moved closer and closer to us as the night went on. It wouldn't have been so bad if there wasn't enough space to begin with and I wasn't wearing uncomfortable shoes. But all around going to concerts is definitely my Sweet Disposition :)

 The Neighborhood
 Okay, let me just say that Cat's Cradle had a very diverse crowd ranging in race, ages, employment you name it...here are two "frat guys" throwin it up during a semi-slow song
 Light show was so EPIC!

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