Sunday, October 14, 2012

Disney, Shenanigans, All Types of Characters

Last weekend was a lot of shenanigans! Starting with Friday night, the girls and I went out to our friend Bobby's place to celebrate his Disney Debauchery themed birthday. Its become a tradition for us to combine forces, get dolled up and have some fun with the queers! I so love Bobby and Kevin and Jared and all my Spectrum friends. They never have a party not worth remembering or at least they don't throw parties that are lame. I remember last year when we went to Bobby's Greek mythology themed bday bash at Partners Place (off campus residence complex). Bobby was turning 21 and way drunk when we arrived. Oh need I remind the Halloween party Raafe threw his junior year (my sophomore year) and all that stuff I need not to mention happened....yep leave it to the gays to have wild parties I still feel nostalgic about today :)

 Pocahontas and Jasmine
 Queen of Hearts and Jasmine
 Disney Spirit and Jasmine
 bucket drinks and ppl having a good time
 Drunk Jared on top of the kitchen counter
Cruella De Vil dancin on the floor 
Maleficent (Bobby) and Queen of Hearts

Lindsay (Queen of Heart), Kevin (Cruella De Vil) and I (Marie from Aristocats) went on to the Heaven & Hell party at Old Trolinger apts. That was an interesting experience especially running into an old friend who I worked with at WSOE (college radio station) my sophomore year. He's single now which I found out after we talked a bit. We continued to hang out there and eventually ran into the rest of Bobby's party crew. I felt a little sad for Bobby since he had put his hopes up for this ass of a guy that led him on but probably had no real interest in coming to see him that night. So I told him my gossip to distract his anger.

SATURDAY'S A RUGBY DAY!!! Well at least it is if you don't feel sick to the stomach. Its weird especially since I didn't drink the night before as promised - I had promised Jamie, our scrum captain, I wouldn't drink. Anyway I felt really pissed off since a few weeks earlier I had been ready to play and didn't and now I'm feeling ill and they needed me to play. There's more to the story on my end but who knew rugby would have drama? I decided to push myself to ride down to the fields and cheer the team on even when I couldn't play. I made it just in time to see the last 1/4 of the game. Courtney and BGraham collided on the field which left some wicked bruises on their faces as the week continued. However, no serious injuries thank God.

The social was at Sandy's which is literally right down the street from my apt but I decided to stay home. I had a lot of work to do but couldn't keep myself focused. I finally finished my questions for my Political Thought oral exam. I was so nervous and worried I'd forget it all which was prone to happen if I didn't have note cards (or cue cards during my time "on-stage" at MHS). Sunday night I convinced my girls to indulge me and go to cookout for a quick bite. It took a lot longer for us to get out of the apt and do that than I would have liked but I know now how to prepare when I go over there. Working at their place is almost impossible especially with the TV blaring Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also if you're going to put that on I'm not paying attention to my work are you crazy? Its one of my favorite past time tv shows!!

The rest of the week was pretty low key except for late nights in Belk and pulling an almost all-nighter on Wednesday for the annotated bibliography due for senior seminar Thursday. I aced my oral exam (I think - fingers crossed) and totally bombed my Hindu Goddesses midterm which really surprises me since I would've figured had been the opposite: do well on HG midterm and make a disastrous effort for my oral midterm. Live and learn I guess. I just wish I didn't feel as equally horrible when I went to Senior Sem on Thursday morning. I realized that my bibliography was a tentative bibliography and I treated as such. However, I'm guessing the assignment was to see more solid sources that would help us start to write. Lets face it, I've been extremely stressed out about this class since before I got to Elon so it goes without saying I'll feel like I'm not doing the right thing until I hand in my thesis and prayer I don't fail.

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