Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alumni Weekend 2012

Its becoming a daily shock for me when I realize I'm a senior and this is going to be the last time I'll experience all these "college" (specifically Elon) events as an enrolled student. I'm sure I'll feel this way in ten years when I'll be invited to my 15 year high school reunion (if that happens) and hopefully return to Elon somewhat wiser (lol yea right) and accomplished in some way. As I saw all these familiar faces all over campus throughout the weekend I thought, "wow, that'll be me soon. Where did the time go?" Its extremely true what my sister Samantha said the other day to "live everyday without regret and live everyday like its your last." Of course I thought I did live this way but lately I've started to second guess my traditional methods of experiencing life and I've come to understand that in some areas I am hesitant and worried about the unknown. I know that there's probably a lot of people that feel the way I do its just I never realized that until now. So I've made an early resolution for myself: to live everyday like it truly is my last day on earth in the hope that I have another day.

Friday night I hung out with my girls at Mellow Mushroom, played the hot or not game and chilled the rest of the night at their place. It was so nice to get off campus a little while and spend time around people that make me feel better or at least distract me from my stress :)

 Jamie's intense drinking apparatus buddy gift
 Rookies serenade us with their song

The rugby alumni game was super fun. Although its weird to tackle your own teammates I felt like I had some experience in that the first game of the season I substituted for the other team's eightman (I think it was for Greensboro) and had to tackle my team then. Either way it was nice to play again and I felt more like a team player especially since I got the ball three or four times :) I almost made a try and so did Diane. She was sooooooo close. All in all my favorite moment was the rookie song and having all the alums on the field with us. It was such a homey feeling in a "family back together again"feeling.

Tailgating was fun too. I kept asking myself "why haven't you done this more?" I finally got to hang out with Alice after trying for over two months. It was really great to relax among good people eating, laughing, taking pictures and most importantly enjoying the experience. I'm all over that now especially after my rough transition from fall break to going back to class. Meltdown on Friday confirmed I needed another break. So this weekend did the trick!

 Jamie's attractive sandal tan :P
 Raafe and Gabriella came back to cheer the Phoenix
 Sarah, Alice and I
 Creeper mascot

Victory 42-36 

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  1. Cat, once again, you've captured in the moment of your moment, as I took time to settle down to read your blog. I can't just do the skim and move on like I am famous for doing some, especially those who do no really hold my interest, but I read because I said I would. Yours are so wholesome, and savor yet a lil innocence of your college years, and savors the essence of the good times you really have. I think that is why I take the time to read what you write, because you take the time to pour the realness into it, just like mama's sweet pitcher of kool-aid, and many of us remember those days.

    Thank YOu for brightening a heavy heart with a lil light from you world. Keep on living and sharing your life and light!