Saturday, October 12, 2013

Back to Reality

Over the last month and a half I have undergone so many transitions and experiences. To start, I've on and off working part-time jobs - some paid some not - trying to keep myself busy and praying for the strength to overcome challenging personalities. All I can say is I don't know what I would've done without my true friends, like Keith. I visited him at the end of August to see his new apartment and catch up. It was a good thing I did because I had to witness for myself his nice digs.
My trip to Philadelphia was much more nostalgic than a casual meeting with an old friend. As it turns out I had alternative motives - guilty as charged - since I was so curious about the lives of other some people I knew back in high school who've continued their passion for music going "on tour." I mean how long has it been since my last basement show? What I found to be refreshing was finally seeing that atmosphere from a more objective perspective rather than a young girl crazed with the idea of getting the attention of a musician. It was a pleasant time laughing, conversing, singing along and most importantly staying in the present.

After that my working life - or lack there of - came to a screeching halt. So what else better to do than beg your friend, who has backstage access to New York Fashion Week, to brighten one's low spirit. Although I did buy a brand new dress for the occassion - since none of the out of date, frumpy and unflattering wardrobe I have would do for a NYFW Venexania show, or any NYFW show for that matter. I'm far too critical because as it turns out there were people wearing articles of clothing that should've never seen the light of day - WTFWYT?!?! Overall, it was great to see my friend Greg and sit in the 2nd row at the show; even got one of those goodie bags :) And of course as my technology curse proceeds me, Greg's phone deleted all the photos from the event...except for the few below. I guess I have to stalk Twitter to find any pictures taken during the Venexania show and see if we're in any of them.

But I did return to Lincoln Center right after the crowds and shows were over to get a make-over at the Allure Glamor Lounge. What an experience: beauty is pain, note to staff - don't allow the hotel you are renting space from use the air conditioner unless you want to deal with leaks in the ceiling and stop to enjoy the moment because life is short. At least I looked really great for the New York Elon Alumni event that evening. Did not expect to walk into a room with over 700+ alumni! PS I am so glad I had the opportunity to have a drink and relax in The Plaza bar. Can you say fancy?
Probably my fo-pa that I was let go at Blimpies. My plan all along was to leave for a week for the Duke University's Continuing Studies Nonprofit Management Certificate program in the middle of September before I took the part-time position but I guess everything happens for a reason. A learning experience none the less but more along the lines of experience with passive-aggressive management and leadership - or lack there of. The same could be said for some other side projects I'm involved with currently but that's a discussion for another day...

It was great going back to North Carolina having no responsibilities to academic work or college life other than what I signed up for with the Nonprofit Management Certificate program. Per usual, I reached out to a few peeps I knew were in the area - Jamie, Alice, etc. Of course there is never enough time to see everyone but I felt good to try because I did benefit especially in regards to reconnecting with Elon Alumni. Saw Jeff (2012) and his crew - Chris (2011), Cody (2012) and Mitch (2012) - at Fullsteam downtown and went to dinner and Locopops with Alice and Kit on Friday. Must say that I never thought about crazy flavored ice cream icicles - flavors like chocolate rosemary, pomegrante cognac and other weird stuff. I had simply salted caramel which was the perfect end to a great reunion.

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