Monday, October 14, 2013

Old Friends/Bookends

Time flies these days more quickly than I realize or I like but on a positive note, I get the opportunity to visit my friends more frequently. Well at least in theory. Its been over 1 1/2 years since I met Kristi during our semester at The Washington Center the Spring of 2012. She's been working in D.C. ever since and recently moved to Alexandria from her studio apartment in Columbia Heights. Despite the closeness to the city she expressed to me both on the phone and when I visited a few weeks ago that the old place was not as nice, roomy and comfortable as her current address.

Needing a break from my own stress and worries, I ventured south to the historic town of Alexandria. On what seemed like a deja vu moment, riding through the night in the mists of the threatening weather of Hurricane Irene, as we walked through a "monsoon of a storm" along the streets of Alexandria to her apartment. Drench in rain we took another adventure to restaurant known for their killer chili selection called Hard Times. Worth braving the weather, I think so! But right to bed once we returned.

 Sleeping in till 9am was usual for Ms. Cat but Kristi came downstairs ready to go outside for her daily run so I couldn't deny my own exercise goal. That week I had met with the Personal Training Manager at the Hoboken North NYSC gym, Nate, and was put to work doing total core and upper body strengthening circuits. So while Kristi hit the pavement I was breaking sweat in her apartment. And what is essential after a workout (besides a shower), food of course :P at a local joint up the street called Table Talk.

We walked down King Street to a place Kristi heard was great for fresh fish. It didn't disappoint especially the naunical decore. No meal is complete without dessert, so we made our way to the homemade ice cream shop next door. Mmmm yum! In addition to that delicious lunch we went out that evening to O'Connell's, an irish pub, and tried to do karoake at the Rock It Grill but due to my ill state we decided to call it a night. Next morning we spent hanging out, watching movies, painting our nails and vegging on the couch, with the exception of an evening walk and dinner at a bar downtown and a stop at a cake shop for dessert. So if you haven't already guessed, this 'vacation' was an excuse to stuff our faces the whole weekend.

I'm confident that Kristi and I will carry on the "Old Friends/Bookends" tradition, best told by the great Simon & Garfunkel. Never thought getting old could be so sweet. I mean as long as you got a friend to sit on a park bench with ya and grow old together what else do you need? .....donuts would be a nice touch :)

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