Monday, July 22, 2013

Chilling By the Wayside

Not unemployed I've tried to enjoy coming back home. Jersey City has been through a lot of changes as so many people I've known throughout my life. What a fascination phenomena to see a place grow and experience so many new cultural shifts over a short amount of time. I appreciate my hometown for all its endured and for all its potential. In the last few years I've embraced the newness of the downtown scene. Meetup has been the go-to resource center to connect with people who live/work here. I joined this Downtown Jersey City Social Group on Meetup last summer and met someone there who in one night showed me the 'lay of the land'. Being some years older than me and having lived in the downtown area awhile she had a unique insight to the dos and don'ts of the urban nightlife among other  interesting neighborhood activities.

After moving all my belongings from my 3rd floor, tiny, crumbling and uncomfortably annoying apartment in New Brunswick on Friday I needed a little getaway. So off to Zeppelin Hall - Biergarden for Currywurst (memories of HJ Study Abroad in 2011), spaetzle and good beer! Dennis, Mom's boo, came with us in the hopes to hear some good live music. To our dismay the live music was cancelled but the food was good and I did have the chance to watch the Yankees-Red Sox game...well maybe that wasn't as good since they played disgracefully. Between appetetizers, beer and our meal I was stuffed!

Waking up the next morning was tough which explains why I took a three hour nap later that afternoon. Sleep deprivation is a serious problem gone astray. Need to be better about that. I was happy to finally use our fully functional renovated upstairs bathroom. The shower has a huge rain shower head that feels oh-so-heavenly! So what do you think? Trust me, this is so SO amazing especially at the price we did it for. Imagine the before with loud wallpaper, a pink porcelain tub with a toilet and sink to match with horrible lighting. Now you can see the benefits and pleasure of making the bathroom your own:


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