Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finally some lasting SUNSHINE!

This past weekend was spent close to the workplace and summer apartment in Edison, NJ in Tom's backyard in the pool and sitting out on the patio. Who knew saving money could turn out to be such a sweet deal! After hearing about possible issues with my feet (on-going) from the foot doctor in Somerset, NJ on Friday I needed to stay away from all other complications.

The pool felt really nice and cooled me down after weeks upon weeks of mugginess and ungodly heat. Although the offer to drink beer out in the sun by the pool was appealing I knew better. So hydration is key therefore I reverted to H2O! And let me say although I was so relieved to be away from the apartment in New Brunswick (less than desired...EVER) sleeping on the couch is not comfortable. It was a chushy couch at first but for a on-the-stomach sleeper who often gets annoyed when hot while asleep. 

Saturday we did put up a line of CDs in front of all the vegetables growing in Tom's backyard. Why CDs? A stupid groundhog has been eating up the vegetables and potential vegetables. BBQ and more pool time ended a perfectly pleasant day. Sunday was almost a repeat of Saturday with the exception of any work and Mom coming to hang out. Went to CVS to get ice cream and Watermelon Twizzlers (craving you cannot do without for too long) was a nice touch to end the weekend. 

Praying Mantis on the pool ladder

The veggies now protected from the greedy groundhog

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