Saturday, July 27, 2013

This Week at the Valero Residence...

In the second week of unemployment I was determined to reach out and apply to a number of positions posting on LinkedIn. I also started hunting for a part-time job in the area to do in the meantime. Its amazing what someone can achieve if he/she puts in the effort. And thats what is necessary to get the results one wants at least in my case. Hoping to hear back from some of the organizations in the coming week, remember to follow up!

In addition to my professional accomplishments I was introduced to this volunteer website called I will definitely apply and reach out to some of these organizations looking for people who are as people friendly, passionate and determined like myself. But the reality is they need people to help for free.

Started a Yelp account and made a few reviews on places in North Carolina close to school and a bunch for places in NY/NJ area. More recently I raved about the Brownstone Pancake Diner in downtown Jersey City. Surprisingly they have a great bar menu ontop of the pancakes-food thats equally impressive.

Havana and Sour Apple Martinis

Tuesday night we ventured out to Liberty State Park to see free music thanks to our city councilman of cultural affairs. Soulfinger consisted of 6-7 member band of 40-50 somethings groovin' to songs and rhythm of the 70s disco and today's pop. They really made the crowd energized and really had some fun. The restaurant's scenery was so professional and thoughtful - especially the life-sized chess set and pieces for kids to play with out in the garden area. It was so beautiful outside, not too humid or threat of rain clouds. We had front seats to see the change from the afternoon sun to the pastel hues of dusk to the midnight dark star studded background behind the New York downtown skyline. 

The next night I went to another music venue down the street on Palisades Avenue for an open mic. The Trolley Car Bar & Grill is this small dive bar with a outside patio, boxing bags, dim lighting and friendly people. It was an okay joint for an open mic with the exception of the organizer starting nearly 1 1/2hrs after the time on the email sent earlier that day. But that's music for you, unless you go to a Coldplay concert. Them Brits start on-time!

Friday instead of making a holesome nutritious breakfast I settled for this new flavor Pop Tart. Its a great combination - chocolate and peanut butter - especially since the two are favorites of mine but who'd ever think it would be a Pop Tart flavor?!?! I remember when my Mom was asked by her former superior about the Doritos flavored taco for Taco Bell and that sounded pretty weird but apparently attracted enough support from regular customers to make it become a reality.

Later that afternoon I was supposed to head out to Brooklyn to see a free show - Trampled By Turtles among other bluegrass bands - at the Prospect Park Bandshell in honor of their Summer Concert series. But my stupid idea to wear high wedges I came back around the corner and gave up. Instead we went on the light rail to get a drink at the Cityside Bistro. I did not realize until we came through the door that I had been there last summer for one of the Downtown Jersey City meetups. White and red sangeria was hard to pass up and glad we had our share - 2 rounds. 

Two hours later we came home, ordered Chinese from Good Year on Central Ave and ate a late night dinner before hitting the pillow. Pu Pu Platter - now I hope that means something more in Chinese but its a hilarious name in English. But a well worth buy for a small appetite: 

Lil bit of everything!

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