Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun in the City

Went into New York City a few weeks ago for free admission to the Guggenhiem Museum. The perks of being a Bank of America customer. I think I might have a problem with caffine specifically coffee. Its been a habit that has progressively gotten worse throughout college. I know this because after withdrawal if I pass a shop or cafe selling coffee I have an urge to purchase and chug. Example while in the city we stopped into a bakery around the corner from the museum. Ooo that coffee was smooth and looked great next to the Elephant ear cookie I bought.

While at the museum - which was packed - we waited to see the newest exhibit by James Terrell. Unfortunately I was impatient and did not see the need to stay in a dark room with dim lighting to wait for something (if anything) were to happen. Interesting idea though. Check it out for yourself: Guggenheim Museum

Also during my visit to Jersey City for the weekend I cut my hair and had a great surprise bite at Zinburger. Mom wanted to introduce me to their delicious and outrageously flavored milkshakes. It was a food-filled weekend! Monday morning before driving to New Brunswick for work we went to a local diner in Jersey City and had pancakes :)

 Don't forget the sweet potato fries :)
 Salted Caramel and Creme Bruele milkshakes

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