Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adam's Morgan

Sunday was a down time day. Woke up later than usual (1030am), went to the gym (burn off alcohol calories), ate and went to Florida Ave around 2pm to catch the bus towards Adam's Morgan. I walked around on what was one of the most beautiful days. The flowers were in bloom or budding, the birds were churping and the streets full on sunlight. I definitely didn't expect DC to have such Victorian style  neighborhoods full of interesting, vintage looking homes. First in Dupont then in Adam's Morgan. It was a very nice surprise. 

 Firehouse on a side street
 The neighborhood walk
 Yea...everyone has these scooters
My feline friend came up to greet me and then hide in this nice French woman's garden.

I decided to scout out the place I would soon meet up with Boot Camp TWC colleague Gia. I figured it was a good plan since I was really excited to see it myself. What could be better than a coffeeshop that sells coffee, pastries, food and alcohol?!?!?!?! Not to mention the hip and cozy atmosphere (check out the pics below. The place is off 18th Street (aka late night weekend party central) and at the traditional late night weekend (afterparty) snack hubs of DC. For more info go to their website: Tryst Coffeehouse
I don't know if I was more shocked or annoyed that everyone and their posse was at this place at 4pm on a Sunday...well if I put it that way its 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone just woke up and has got em munchies :) I couldn't find a table (at first) so I sat at the bar. I need to warn you the coffee is NOT cheap so only go when you are willing to pay a pretty penny or special occassion or desperation ("I'm drunk and I don't know where else to go....oh...this looks like a good place.")
I did spy on people in the presiding area to hopefully snag a table. Lucky, an hour later and after paying my $5 (including bar tip) for iced coffee and ran for the first table available:

 The table. I had a happy hour beer special, Colorado something. It was dark and good.
 Once Gia came we ate food. Food is good. My sandwitch was okay: mozzarella, tomato, basil, pepper, and pesto. 
 The couch to my left. 
 At 6pm the busboy came around with candles to set the evening mood. LOL

Making the best out of my time in Adam's Morgan I scheduled to meet another colleague, an Elon alum, Kelsey Glover (2011). We met up a few storefronts down from Tryst at Madam's Organ. There was a sweet jazzy, blues jam band playing in replace of Heir the Dog (female vocalist) who had recently broke up, sad. Flat Tire beer, onion rings and two hours later Kelsey drove me to Columbia Heights to catch the Metro back home. It was a day and night well spent. 

 From street level....
To balcony (second floor) level

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  1. OMG! You made it to Adams Morgan! I haven't been to Tryst yet. However, since you've mentioned in the manner you have, I will have to pay them a visit, to check it out for myself. I don't mind paying for good coffee and ambiance.

    This was a good, warm read.

    Alan "Ajae"