Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Passing by Ted Bulletin

Daddio came to visit on Saturday, March 17th! He had been informed that there was going to be a marathon throughout the city and planned to get to the apartment early (6am) before streets started to get roadblocked. Luckily he found a perfect space right outside my apartment building! YAY! Wash up and out the door to the Eastern Market off the Blue/Orange Metro lines. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Instead of going to Ted Bulletin's (packed at 9am) we went across the street to a Belgian Waffle place. It was okay food, service sucked and I'm pretty sure that they gave me a cup with eye makeup smeared on the side in addition to leaving two fried eggs off of Daddio's plate which he ordered. No biggy since we were outside. 

 Moment of Truth: Frizzy fries OR onions???

The Belgian waffle place

The market was fun. I knew Tom (Daddio) would love it! I mean there's antiques, art, and fresh produce! What's not to love? Especially with the beautiful weather it was perfect. He seemed really engaged when we went through the produce aisle. There were a bunch of stuff to taste including a green very very VERY hot salsa that I ate as we moved to a PA Amish farm's produce hut. I quickly scanned the area for something diary, bingo! Cheese! and then some pears to smooth the bite of the heat still in my mouth. WOW! I love it! Oh and we did go to Curbside Cupcakes to get a taste (six-pack) of a few types: Chocolate Irish Cream, Red Velvet and the newbie Snickerdoodle. Yum yum, yumm!

 The street...Daddio is in the gray sweatshirt with light wash jeans...hehe gotcha!


yummy yummy yummy I've got yummy in my tummy!

After lounging a bit back at the apartment we took a taxi to the Kennedy Center (gorgeous) and walk around. We even caught one of the free 6pm shows Kristi has told me about. It was a trio (oboe, clarinet, piano) of guys playing classical. Love! Later we ate up at the roof top restaurant. It was okay but like Tom said the food came out a little too quickly (I agree). He also wasn't feeling so well so...yea. The whole reason we were there was to see Shear Madness. It was like a murder mystery "Broadway"like show set in a barber shop in Georgetown. A lot of international kids were in the audience most from the same place: Russia. WOW that's odd but cool! Hunk on stage (one of the detectives) wasn't keeping it together. He laughed so much at the jokes. It was awesome. I highly recommend because apparently the ending changes every night according to what the audience choice of the murderer.

Check it out:

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