Sunday, March 4, 2012

First buds of the season and a hip new coffee joint

I decided to venture outside on another gorgeous day. I am glad the weather has cooperated this weekend despite my lack to truly explore the city like my roommates. However, I have shared in the same awe of the outdoors. I walked down 3rd to a coffee shop I had seen on one of my trip on the TWC shuttle from Union Station. Depending on who drives the bus you might get lucky and have new sites to see as I did. The place is called Ebenezers. Recently opened in 2006 this quint coffee shop caters to everything from coffee classics to trendy new specials while giving customers a chance to experience a calm, bohemian atmosphere. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay on street level to hear the local artist perform (which was a nice surprise), however, I did get to explore downstairs where I assume is the area the shop hosts bigger event artists/bands. I assume this because of the lights/sound system along the back wall and the drum set on a stage in the front. It was really nice to spend some down time reading there until the blower came on and chilled my arms and these homeless guys asked me a few questions (I don't mind that but personal space man).

On my walk there I noticed a cherry blossom tree in bloom. I smiled knowing that its a matter of time before the entire city is fully bloomed with flowers (and for allergy ppl pollen...womp womp). I am excited for the centennial festival. Its incredibly ironic that this is the 100th year anniversary while I'm living here. So spoiled I know....

The area I walked through was very sweet and antique looking too. Reminded me of my walk around Dupont Circle the other night. I do love the differences in architecture here. It gives the city more character and diverse art history. Stay tuned for more posts!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Especially of the cherry blossom tree! And those townhouse or whatever they are look absolutely adorable!