Friday, March 9, 2012

Curbside Cupcake, Miss Representation & a voice of Empowerment

This is a short SHORT post but it cannot wait. I had the most amazing day yesterday. Work was calm and pretty casual which was nice. Around 11am I went outside, pissed that I brought my heavy winter coat with me because I realized how warm and beautiful it was. No wind! I went to Massasscuetts Ave and vulva! There were all the food trucks I had researched last week including my pick of the day Curbside Cupcake (Check them out: I was super excited and got 6 cupcakes to share among work colleagues. I got a Black Irish Cream cupcake for myself (OMG), a traditional Red Velvet, two Chocolate Delights, and two Classic Vanillas (which surprisingly were both Mike and Kevin's cupcake pick). I will take Southern Tom (Daddio) to the famous baked goods vendor on St. Patty's Day next week when he visits :)

Black Irish Cream cupcake

Also I received the best email in the morning from Terese who is the organizer for the Miss Representation screening. Apparently a lot of people cancelled and reservations opened up YAY! So Terranova and I went to the E Street Cinema for the screening and panel follow up. It was very interesting to see how far the efforts of the women's liberation era of the 1970s has been crushed and society has been pushed backwards in regards to gender equality and how we as a society view gender. Its a huge backlash. Its sad in many ways but encouraging in many other ways because I still believe that there will be an uproar. There has to be at least from me. I won't handle the stereotypes and patriarchal egotistical and emotional incompetence of the men that rule this country and most of the world dictate my life anymore. I want a dialogue and I want women to have more of a say over their own lives but the only way that is going to happen is for more WOMEN to have POWER in POLITICS!

Nuchhi Currier, President of the Women's National Democratic Club (Google Image)

One of the panelist, the president of the Women's National Democratic Club Nuchhi Currier (see more about her work history - link), really did understand our fight as women to go against odds that seem impossible to beat. However, she said that the film didn't do as well of a job to promote women's issues, empowerment, respect, and advocating women's political leadership from the perspective of women raising boys. She grew up in a family full of men and it taught her a different set of values, trends, beliefs, etc that encouraged her to do anything she wanted to do without hesitation. Now a grandmother of two boys and a mother of three boys she sees our role as women to raise our men to think more about women: how to treat women, looking at women as humans and equals instead of objects, seeking an opportunity to work with women and people who are different in order to gain a more well-rounded perspective of the world and how society should work, the importance of relationships and how to value them, and most importantly raise boys to think that women are no different than men in their ability to lead and take on tough responsibilities just like a man (especially since men are the rulers of the country and will continue to be for some time until we have a revolution - like the 1970s women's movement - occurs).

Condoleezza Rice

I really feel empowered but I know there is a lot to be done. LISTEN UP LADIES: We need ACTION and we need action done NOW. No more waiting, getting upset about the medias incredibly negative image of us (in all aspects of our lives for ALL women), governments unequal representation of women, and the MOST important our OWN COMMENTARY and CRITICISM that we place ON EACH OTHER! STOP it, stop doing this to each other. We are equals fighting for the same thing. There is no competition when we need power and a voice NOW. Think about it, whats the worst thing that could happen if we allow ourselves to get the job we're obviously more qualified for compared to our male competitor? Why should we question our strength to do just as well as a man in the workforce? How can we continue to be so hateful towards each other when our anger and frustration should be put towards those who have contributed greatly to our current power status (or lack there of): men and us, women?

We cannot solve the problem until we stop contributing to the problem. It won't be easy but nothing in this life that is worth while is ever going to be easy. Focus on raising better men, mentoring younger and older women, support one another, find our inner beauty, write to the media companies to tell them what they are doing is wrong, write to your Congressman demanding what you want, demand more for yourself, share your stories and ambitions with others (including men) and help men become less emotionally incompetent.


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