Monday, March 12, 2012

UMD College Park

The much awaited visit to College Park - UMD finally came! Friday after my new hair cut at Bang Salon in Chinatown (thanks Kristi!). Only a 45 minute Metro ride to College Park-UMD and a shuttle ride I arrived at Stamp Student Center to be greeted by my awesome friend, Marlena. A quick tour of the dorm and a meet-n-greet with her roommate/hallmates and we went off to the newest hookah bar. Tried the Jasmine, Rose combo that did taste exactly like a calming tea :)

Few hours later as the music changed from traditional Middle Eastern to 90s pop and current house, we met up with the crew and walked down the Route 1 strip to Plydo's diner. Plate of french fries and a black&white milkshake - that was too much to eat it all - we headed back to the dorm. We walked into the dorm lounge to find a whole hoard of people who lived on the floor. It was entertaining to say the least and thank you Marlena for the bios on everyone before I came. 

Late night snack at a Greek diner on Route 1 - UMD

Pucker up with Testudo

Saturday was a slow rising but happy day. I, being the early riser, woke up around 750am (gone to bed at 4am). Since I knew most college students don't wake up until midday or later. I decided to read up on my class book, be productive....for about 3 hours on the cement cold floor (stupid that I didn't think to put on my pants instead of wearing shorts). Once everyone was up we were off to the nearby dining hall (HUGE and they told me this wasn't the biggest one) for brunch. Three chocolate chip pancakes, syrup, a banana, and water....yummy well-balanced (not) breakfast. I took the shuttle back to the Metro and went back to the apartment. Went grocery shopping (a few necessary things) and let the rest of the day go by slowly. So not interested in doing anything other than veg.

At night I went with Kristi and what seemed like a huge group of TWC peeps to party it up at My Brother's Place by the Hill. Kristi had gone before and said she had a good time. She also though the drink special ($15 all you can drink from 8pm-1am) was pretty cheap. I agreed especially since I had a few rail drinks (the same one everytime, new one for me, Kristi's suggestion). The highlight of the night had to be....dancing on the bar. Yep, I did it like Coyote Ugly without the water or serious line dancing to 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'. All in all a good night (both Friday and Saturday) partying with friends. 

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  1. I'm glad you got to be a college kid again for the weekend. And can I just say that you + short hair = absolutely freakin' adorable! I love you and miss you so much. Also I can't believe you danced on a bar! Actually...I can totally see you embracing the moment and doing that!