Monday, March 19, 2012

Week Off and Sunny Days

Last week was my freebie week. Kevin and Mike were away in far off sunny places and I stayed here in the lovely spring-like weather exploring the city. Monday was the usual programming (annoyance) day with a Roundtable Philanthropy Panel at the RAF (thank God). Even though I respect the panelists and the work that they do in the non-profits sector the whole seminar seemed to be a Q&A between the TWC Vice President and the panelist instead of most of the questions coming from students. I mean if you are going to pack us all in the auditorium for almost 2hrs and expect us not to chit chat, sleep, or get bored than make it more interactive. I also found it hilarious that the mediator told all of the students to rush out of the auditorium so that they could quickly set up for the CSPAN class. I mean really? You all couldn't find another location for this one day?
Below: Dirty Chai cupcake with Iced Coffee

Tuesday and Wednesday were the best weather days (even though I started feeling out of sorts on Wednesday). I went out and about on Tuesday to Georgetown (again) to study a bit. The apartment is stark white and not very entertaining or stimulating for working longer periods of time. So I ducked into Baked & Wired ( as referred to by my new friend here in DC, Kristi. It took me about 5 mins to figure it out but I got the title's relavance: 1/2 of the shop is a cupcake shop and the other 1/2 is a coffeeshop. LOL Took the Circulator there and back. Wednesday before I started to feel dizzy around noon-ish while on L2 going north towards Tenleytown, I went to Farragut Square to taste the
fresh, healthy and scrumcious bites at Basil Thyme food truck ( Ordered the black truffle and cheese lasagna. YUMMY!

Stream behind M St in Georgetown

In the afternoon I headed up north to visit Elo's favorite bookstore, Politics and Prose. It was very indie and busy which is always nice to see in a bookstore (not giving money to the bookstore giants like Barnes & Noble or Amazon). They even had a seminar with an author going on while I browsed the American history and politics sections. I didn't stay too long and then went back on L2 to Van Ness for the Metro back home. Ugh....head...ached. At least I got two beautiful days to go out.

Doesn't this look tasty?!?!?

Thursday was soup and rest in front of TV day. Ugh not feeling well at all. I so hoped to get more work done but that's life right! I was happy that my interview scheduled with Theola Labbe-DeBose, Staff Writer for The Washington Post, was the following day and not Thursday. It would have been a disaster. Friday comes along and I'm trying to recoop. I met up with Theola at the office around 1030 more like 1045am. I got a first time tour of the offices and met some nice people. I also chatted with Theola's editor Eli Reyes. Can you say network, network, NETWORK! I was so happy that the interview lasted almost an hour! It was so carfree and easy to talk to Theola.

Friday night was exciting more so than I originally planned. TWC hosted the International Festival in P1 (basement level in apt). Students from around the world brought materials, decorations, food and high energy to show people what their country is all about. So many of them were so proud of their roots it was inspiring. Stupid moment: why the hell would Student Services decide to cater food to be served for an hour right after everyone went to all 8 classrooms to eat food from around the world and are so full they can't eat anymore? How does that make sense? So instead of the event lasting 2 hrs it ended up whining down 4hrs later. It was nice and interesting, however, I was sick and wanted to sleep or do work or something productive. Ugh...I hate when people don't think. But all in all it was fun.

Here are some pics from that night:

 My friend Sandra and colleague from Taiwan

 Beautiful isn't she!

 Bienvienos de Puerto Rico!!!

 My friend Sonyi dancing with the Puerto Ricans!!!

 Viva Mexico!

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