Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Black Maria Film Fest and Amber Blues

I never realized how good it feels to have time off and use it as a period to do absolutely nothing but relax. This past weekend was the best relaxing, do-nothing type of weekend. In addition I had a few extra days that made it last much longer....ahhhhhh so nice :) I left on Wednesday night last week and stayed home until early Monday morning, yea the day from hell! BUT despite the terrible ending to my wonderfully chill weekend I did a lot. In the city on Thursday, shopping Friday, film festival and cajin blues dinner Saturday, AND Southern Tom's pancake breakfast and an evening of sucky Academy Awards (ICK) Sunday.

The highlight by far was our visit to this sculpture park to see some awesome films part of the Black Maria Film Festival (link). I wish we had gotten to the park earlier to look around a bit but it was really REALLY windy and we were usual...MOM(cough) It reminded me a lot of this recycling center near the Meadowlands in northern Jersey. I went to a bunch of times when I was younger. I guess thats why I have such an appreciation of art and nature because I was exposed to it when I was younger.
On our way to New Brunswick for dinner the grounds were light up with christmas lights! It was so clever and quint. Check them out (Grounds for Sculpture)

I was spoiled that evening with my favorite CAJIAN and MUSIC. What could be better? I had the salmon in bourbon sauce and mom had the pecan crusted catfish. Ooooooohhhh weee! it was awesome!! (Her moreso than mine but it was good ESPECIALLY the bread pudding).  Jersey's own, Amber Blues, was the band of the night. They had a very interesting look and a whole lotta energy. It was nice to heard original and some golden 80s tunes - "take on me" A-Ha!!!! <3 Below are some pics (not very good but I tried).

Academy Awards is just a disgrace. I mean there is no art showcased in the whole show other than people's terrible fashion. What's the point? It seemed like my opinion about the commercial film industry is dead on. The production and big-money companies continue to release the crappiest movies on earth and sequels of the crappiest movies on earth because they are ALL greedy bastards! I'm sorry I love film and thought about studying film at Elon but I'm fed up. Why do you think I prefer to spend $18 going to an indie film festival like Black Maria and see twelve original and creative films versus pay close to $20 now if your in the NY tri-state area to sit through 30mins of commericals/ads on top of hours of crap! HELLO?!?!?! The whole time I was knitting watching the show telling it like it is, I mean come on. During the entire show most of the jokes and intermission announcements were obviously marketing "Go to the movies, make me tons of money so I can be a crap actor doing crap work and give all the rights and privileges to the big-money, art crushing production companies!"

Pew. I'm done on my rant. Don't let me get into my 8hr (yes 8 FREAKIN HOURS) trip back to D.C. on the Megabus. WHAT....A....NIGHT...MARE!!! I will say this if you do decide to purchase a ticket for a Megabus trip DO NOT rely on the website or 877 number for help. The day you need to leave I suggest going to the website and pretend you are purchasing another ticket for the same trip and that will show you where to get your bus. Yea they are SO NOT organized in regards to...well...anything. I made it back stiff, exhausted, pissed and what the hell? It's spring already.


  1. It sounds like you had a good trip to overall. Haha, I loved your rant on the Academy Awards/movie industry in general. While I love movies, I agree with you on most of those's sad how the quality of movies has decreased so drastically. And I'm sorry your trip back was so awful. But I'm glad you had a good weekend and got to spend some quality time with your mom!