Saturday, February 25, 2012

Soho Cupcake, Political Debate, and Relaxation

My first day off (officially) was a nice calm day. I woke up later than usual (11am) and ate leftovers for breakfast. I was extreme peeved that it wasn't raining but also delighted to see it was beautiful and sunny. I decided to walk down to the light rail and hop on the PATH to go to the Soho location for Georgetown Cupcake. Since I've never tasted these lovely decadent sweets in D.C. (where it originated) I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it in my neck of the woods, right?

Conversation among fellow baker, Christine and twenty minutes later I had my six different cupcakes (Red Velvet, NYC Cheesecake, Chocolate chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla on Vanilla, and Pumpkin Spice). Walking back up my FAVORITE street in New York, Bleeker St. I was really in high spirits. I ducked into this neat coffee and tea shop, tried a sample and made some terrifically cheap buys. Another stop into a bread shop for a snack and I was on my way back home.

The bread, cheese and everything European shop. 

The awesome coffee shop on Bleeker St.

Kiddies playing music on the street.

The Coach House is my traditional diner. I have been going to this diner all my life and I continue to go back. I had Chicken Rollatini and mom had Hungarian Beef & Noodles. We did get into heavy conversation about starting a political moments strong and big enough to make real change in Congress It was nice to get into a debate with my mom because I know that we oftentimes have similar opinions but on some occasions the claws come out. Not literally of course :P

Friday was a rainy relaxing day. Pancakes with banana fosters (and a strawberry cupcake) for breakfast, a trip out to Harmon Beauty supply shop, conversation, lentil soup, and J. Edgar = a good day. It was a day that was worry-work free and I loved every second. I'll have more pictures to post with my new purple Nikon digital camera soon


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