Saturday, February 18, 2012

V-day, new possibilities, and a night for fun!

Instead of being bitter or upset that I am spending another V-day as a single gal I decided to bring light into the day. Valentine's Day has become this circus of commercialization heart shaped candies and chocolates, an enormously nauseating amount of flowers everywhere, and outrageously expensive meal out. What's the big deal? I've always felt that everyday was a gift to have people who love you and who you love back. I try my best to make sure everyone I care about knows it. So what makes V-day any different? It doesn't. I agree with Brett Aarons on the WSJ morning Podcast when he says, "with my wife everyday is Valentine's can make it Valentine's day any day!"

So that's what I did. Of course I did send my mom a V-day card but I understood from when I was young that she would always be my first Valentine. And apparently she feels the same way even when she has a guy in her life. I received a wonderfully thoughtful (and practical) care-package this week. It was full of the little things that I really did need like hand lotion and things I love like black & white cookies :)

Thursday was a bit chaotic at work. I had been very independently working during the first half of the week due to Mike and Kevin's hectic schedule of back-to-back meetings with congressmen. However, by Wednesday evening I was getting a bit burnt out. I had yet to review my IDP (internship development plan) or read or any of the things I wanted to do for myself because I felt so tired. In addition I now have a new hatred for computer screens. I sit and look at them so long my eyes hurt constantly. Thursday did turn out to be a day of cutting it close. I had a few assignments I needed to get done and a newly scheduled meeting with Mike and Kevin that was later than expected. After the meeting I proceeded to power walk/jog from the office to the Metro, out of the Metro and to the building on M St. for a Campaign Jobs Panel hosted by DemocraticGAIN. In less than 25mins I made it to the panel and slipped in the back.

I really was glad I went and got the chance to hear about peoples' experience in the field. People who have extensive work history campaiging. I was ignorant of the fact that there are campaigns for state senators and congressmen.  I'm really grateful for as much information about campaigning because I feel like it would be a perfect career after graduation. It's flexible and a non-permanent job that give you the opportunity to build a more political resume while gaining a lot more experience in a variety of fields like finance (fundraising).

Friday night was the first opportunity I've had in a month to go out to a club. I would've gone last weekend but if you refer to my last post that didn't happen. My roommate Terranova had mentioned going out to a mardi gras themed event. That sparked an idea to check out clubs in the city for events like  catered to mardi  gras fun. BINGO! I found a Carnival themed event at Ultrabar on Fridays throughout the month of February. I decided early this week to go no matter what with or without people. As it turns out I went with a girl named Kristi from Iowa University who is in the Criminal Justice program at TWC and Eloisa (my roommate). It was fun and it was nice to have options of what floor you wanted to go to (out of four).

However, note to self never mix dark and light. I understand now what that meant since when I arrive back home I didn't feel too great AND I've been paying for it all day. Live and learn right? But never again...thank you Rebekah for reminding me that at least it is a weekend day. Hopefully you'll hear from me again this weekend since I have an extra day to do whatever. Thank you Presidents of the United States :)


  1. Aww that's so sweet that your mom sent you a Valentine's Day present! I totally understand where you're coming from...Madison and I didn't celebrate V-day because I thought it was a waste of money and instead we went out on Thursday (which was also our anniversary!). Also, I did want some candy, so this weekend he got me Laffy Taffy from Walmart for half-priced! So I got my candy and he got to save some money...success on both ends.

    I'm glad you got to go out last Friday...I'm sure you had a blast! I'm never been to a themed event at a club, but the real Carnival is supposed to be really exciting, so I bet the event was lots of fun. I hope you feel better though and you it sounds like you learned a valuable lesson when it comes to drinking...sorry you had to learn it the hard way.

  2. Haha yes life lessons learned through experience, sometimes disappointing and upsetting ones at that but necessary. It was a bunch of fun though! Happy Annicersary!!!!!! wow its like 2 years now? or a year? anyway i'm happy you two are happy. If you ever feel the need to make a drive north come visit me. I have the space and I'd enjoy the company :) talk soon