Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jammed Pack Week!!!

What a week its been...I don't even know where to begin. Monday was a packed day of assignments and hours at a Career Boot Camp hosted by The Washington Center. It was interesting and I did receive some useful information that I'll try to use while I'm here (especially Emotional Intelligence in the Workforce). Tuesday was first day back. Research, research, and more research. Not as illuminating as other days but I was busy. I often find myself questioning whether or not I'm doing the best I could. I'm trying to do my best but its hard to stay that confident and enthusiastic. It probably doesn't help that once a day's work is over I feel so tired. It also doesn't help that I wake up early (6am) to exercise and can't fall asleep until midnight or sometimes later.

The rest of the week was a little trying. Wednesday and Thursday I was displaced from my desk at work. The company's bookkeeping comes in twice (and sometimes more) a week and uses the same desk that I do. So on the days the bookkeeper comes in I have to go somewhere else. This week was particularly chaotic because Kevin and Mike had a lot of meetings and work outside the office. In and out, in and out....I was a bit frustrated with myself because it would have been smart (from the beginning) to have asked Anne (the front desk receptionist) to use the conference room (which hadn't been used all week). From now on that is the plan....ANYWAY.

I had a minor and unnecessary freak out the other day because my technological jinx caught up with me. I took a bunch of pictures for a project and later in the afternoon on Thursday I realized that I took a video. I tried to delete and thought I had deleted everything!  Long-story short, it turned out that when Mike uploaded the pictures onto his laptop ALL the photos I had taken both in the morning and in the afternoon were on the memory card. THANK YOU GOD! But I was pissed that I had worried so much when I didn't need to waste time taking the same pictures over and learn huh?

Friday was a more relaxed day. I was at the desk, Kevin and Mike were very chipper, and I got a lot done on a deadline. Kudos! I even managed to leave early to get to a seminar at GW on-time. I was a bit perturbed that what I thought would be an Egyptian liberation talk and seminar turned out to be a Q&A/book signing but they had a nice reception so I guess it made up for it. (More information check out: Institute for ME Studies)

Met up with Marlena (former Elon student) who came on the Metro from College Park - UMD. We ate dinner and had smores at Cosi near Dupont Circle. Too bad that we couldn't go into the hookah bar I had planned for us to go since I had forgotten she isn't 21 and apparently ALL the hookah bars in D.C. proper are associated with bars therefore 21+ venues. Went back to my apartment and chatted a bit more. None the less it was nice to catch up and make some plans for the semester like going to 9:30 in March...wooot culture!!!

Saturday: in a nutshell, peaceful until the evening. I got up late (10am) and ate breakfast. I even went to the gym! Afterwards Terranova (one of my roommates) and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond in Chinatown for some much needed things like a dish rack and bath matt (no more slipping and sliding outside our shower/tub). We also had a nice lunch at Tony Changs - traditional Chinese. Leftovers!!!
At the apartment I wasted no time to just kick back, knit and watch "You've Got Mail". Here comes the night's disappointment (2 for 2).

Plans were to go out to this club with a colleague I met earlier this week. Ana, works as a volunteer for the Human Rights Campaign and hear from a work-colleague about a party at The Warehouse Loft. Ana invited me and I invited my roommates. By 8pm Saturday night I heard back from Ana and she said since it was freezing (it did snow earlier) and she had a ton of work she was bailing out. But Terranova and I still wanted to go. BUT just making sure (since I didn't know the place that well) I asked Ana the age requirement for the club. Turns out that unless you are on the guest list you must be 21. Good for me bad for Terranova. (GRRRRRRRRR.....hence last night's Facebook status).

I looked up a few other clubs in the area but Terranova wasn't interested. I called my friend Marlena but she was staying in for the night. So here I was. Ready to go out but nowhere to go. I would have (should have) gone by myself (I mean I've done it before....all over the world!) but I decided it wouldn't "be the smartest" thing to do. I guess these are just a series of unfortunate events. I'm super annoyed but I know that I'll make the best of my situation next time. I've only been here for a few weeks....its bound to get better right?

One thing is for sure I will NOT rely on my roommates anymore. They are nice and fun to hang around but like so many other people I shouldn't "put all my eggs in the basket."

THIS WEEK: working everyday to make up for my four-day weekend next week! I want to do a lot more this week. Goal: go to at least three events after work this week.


  1. I'm sorry some of your plans fell through, but it still sounds like you had some adventures! I'm sure as the semester goes on you will learn more about the area and what's going on so you can do more stuff. In the meantime, keep up the good work at the internship (I'm sure they love you), keep up the blog posts, and enjoy your time in DC (even though it's clear that you're already doing that)!

  2. thanks for your kind words. its been a bit confusing to say the least but it is definitely worth being here. kevin and mike are really great and for the most part im happy with my roommate situation. i will keep posting and try to go out with another TWC colleague this weekend :) let chat soon!